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Do you tell your friends


I don’t think its a good idea to tell on your friend, unless you are really close with this guy. Can you imagine if you start with the same measurement and than in a couple of months he already ahead of you?.

I guess if the guy is a very close friend than it not really a big deal as you can trust him, you can also discuss with him about PE:) .

I think it’s good to tell others if the situation naturally arises because if you help others then sooner or later you are going to receive a positive benefit yourself. That’s the reason I was so keen to share my sock hanging method in the Members Pics gallery.

I keep it to myself. :)

cead mile failte :lep:

Noone knows except my girlfriend

Yeah, like some guy said before, what will happen if the guy you told about PE, is bigger than you, when comparing results?

It could be better to share the info, after you get some inches, for sure.

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I think it’s a little funny/sad that we are here at TP under a preface of “helping others” but wouldn’t consider telling our friends; the people in life we choose to care about.
I know with a subject as personal as PE it can be easier to anonymously discuss this on the computer. I think if you preface the conversation around “men’s health” instead of “dick-growing”, it is easier to discuss. PE has many benefits for various men’s maladies.
PLUS, you can direct them to TP without telling them you PE, thus keeping your privacy. You can just click on the “insert in mail” at the top of your window and send them the link. If they say they are offended that you sent it, you can always tell them that you sent it as a joke (you know they will either lurk or join TP after reading all of the good info here though).

I say: use your best judgment who you tell but share the wealth when the opportunity knocks! After all, how many of us have said things like “I wish I had known about this earlier?”

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