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Would you tell your friend?


Would you tell your friend?

My best buddy is like me. We are both fathers of 4. All the time we talk about sex ( or lack of it ) with our wives. We go swimming, golfing and camping together. So we have no problem seeing each other naked.

He has a bag like a billy goat while my flaccid penis if twice as long as his. He even said one time in the locker room, “If a guy had my nuts and your dick he could be a porno star.” You got to know this guy or you might think that this as homosexual in nature.

I got into PE just to rejuvinate what I once had. My whole self feels better especially my male parts since I got into this PE. I am convinced it works.
My question is should I tell my best buddy about it?

I want to tell him because it would help him. But on the other hand I don’t want him to think I am hitting on him or something. What do I say,”Hey, Tom, Do you want a big dick???”:D Then also I am being selfish because I don’t want for him to get as big a cock as I have.

So what are your opinions about telling friends about this PE discovery?

I’ve never told anyone, but then I’ve never asked. If I was I’d probably just say “well I’ve heard that you can do exercises to help it. I think I saw a website on it once” and see if he pushes for more information or not.

It’s only weird if you think it’s weird. I guess it depends on how you frame it when discussing it. I had a friend get drunk a while back, and in front of about 5 average Joe’s in a pub he started talking about all the different porn sites he visits, and asked about ‘that torch thing that has a twat in the end of it”. I of course denied all knowledge of what he was talking about, because his frame was socially suiciadal. He could have gone about it differently and got some sensible anwers, but he’ll never realise that.

Go ahead and tell him! Two guys I know are members here as a result of me introducing them and guaranteeing them a ‘bullshit free’ site.

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I say tell him. I’ve told a friend of mine about this site and he thought it was damn cool. “You can really do that??” He said. A lot of people don’t know about PE it seems. I would have been really happy to have learned about this a year ago instead of so recently. Hell, I’d be that much bigger by now, right?

My 2 Cents

If he’s that close a buddy, go ahead and tell him. He already said he wants a cock that’s a match to his balls. From what you said, he’d probably be both appreciative and interested.



I wouldn’t

I have told 4 of my friends. One was very interested. I don’t know if he ended up pursuing it though, haven’t seen him a little while and he doesn’t use a computer very often.

If he’s a good friend, tell him. Both him AND his wife may appreciate it! Show him the before and after pics if he doesn’t believe it.

Start a dialogue! The Gay Role Poll is waiting for your vote! :)

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I have told at least 3 friends in person, a few over the net.

I have no idea if any of them ever even looked into it, but I gave the option.
Why would somebody think that comment was “homoesexual in nature”? Guys get comments on their dick pics all the time here, from all walks of people… does it make them gay?

Well think of it this way. If one of my friends told me about a site like this and that PE even exsisted a few years ago I reckon i would have achieved my goals by now. Then again if he told me that he started years ago and now has an 8” x 6” dick i would be like dude! why didn’t you tell me this ages ago man!.

If the guy is a true friend he I DONT THINK he would take offense but it does not neccessarily mean that he will start PE.

Tell him???? Sure. He’s already seen your dick, why not tell him about. You know, like show and tell in elem. school.:)

Seriously though, if I had a friend that knew about PE I would be forever greatful if he did have the courage to tell me about.


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I would tell him.

Almost all of my friend have “drifted away” over time (he says while sniffing his arm pits), but if I had a mate like that, I would tell him.

It’s all in the delivery I think.

I will definitely be telling my son when it’s time…I just hope Thunder’s is still here!

I told my best buddy (Dave) about a year ago and yes even showed him the new and improved me. He had seen me naked dozens of times so that was no big deal. He said “If I had “hard” what you have “soft” I would live happily ever after” He tried the manual jelqing and agreed it helped his flaccid but admitted that he doesnt have the time or privacy to continue on. We have a real great friend (Steve) and decided against telling him because he has diarreha of the mouth and would tell the whole town that we lived in.

I am contemplating telling one more guy, but just have printed information for him and let him do his own thing. I know him well and we are friends but not the childhood friend that Dave is.

There are days I would like to hand out brochures and other days that I just appreciate the envy of others (as shitty as that sounds)

You should tell your friend.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Tell him. You don’t have to tell him your username, though. Of course, when he joins & sees this post, then he’ll know who you are. :) Oh, you thought about that & asked another member to start this thread, did you? Very crafty!

I’ve told 3 or 4 guys. I don’t know if any have come here or not.


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