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Desk Stretcher Idea for under $20

Desk Stretcher Idea for under $20

I’ve been thinking of a way to get some additional hands-free stretching at the end of the evening, so I tried something out and it felt pretty good.

What I did was make a modified Captn’s Wench. The difference is that I used a much narrow band (around the penis). Really just wide enough to fit a clamp around. The reason is that I could focus more on tunica with a more precise “grip” on the penis.

The Captn’s Wench, of course, is very versatile. It was, ironically, the only type of hanging device that I found relatively comfortable. I own a Bib Starter and, while it’s obviously a better piece of craftsmanship (and the Captn would readily agree; no insult intended), the Captn’s hanger actually suited me a little better.

Rather than go into a lengthy description of how to make the Captn’s device, which has already been done in excellent detail, I’ll just refer you to the original Captn’s Wench thread.

Remember: My modification was simply to narrow the band that you wrap around - everything else would work out the same - except that you'd be using a narrower strip of velcro to attach it.

I then bought a cheap “j” hook from the hardware store and screwed it underneath my desk at an optimal distance (you should gauge this while actually set up in the wench).

Using the narrow modified Wench can give you a nice tunica stretch. From my particular chair, which is not adjustable like my old one, I’m stretching at about 9:30 LOT angle.

I did use a wrap - in a FS - before attaching the Wench. And I’ve put it as close to the glans area as is comfortable, leaving me as much shaft to stretch at the upper angle as possible.

I don’t recommend this as a full workout, per se, but its a nice evening stretch when you have computer work to do - and some privacy. I can keep an eye on my computer clock, and I’ve found that I can do 15-20 minute sets in comfort, hands free. Even just 2 of these sets per evening might provide some boost for regular PE workouts.

Just don’t forget that you have it on and stand up to get the phone real quick! Good idea though.

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