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Deep doubts in PE (please all read)

Sandman asked:

what did u di to gain this?
I take this to mean “what did you do to gain this (the 1”) in 2 months?”
Actually damn little only about 5-10 min stretching and 15-20 min Jelqing 5 days a week. I don’t take any supplements exept vitamin c (500 mg) and vitamin e (800 units)…..Luvdadus

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

The Economic Reality

What a spirited discussion!
Here’s my perspective:
I came to Thunder’s quite by accident after exhaustive research into Phalloplasty - surgical penis “enhancement” (enlargement). In fact, as my early posts attest, I’d actually booked in to go under the knife. I’d got the loan papers from the bank for $20,000 - I was dead serious. But then I read posts here, and being as inquisitive and cynical as I am, there was one niggling thorn that kept pricking the back my mind. I had consulted the best Urologists and Plastic Surgeons in the world - it’s my body and I’m not accepting anything less than best - from Harley Street in London, all across the USA, Canada and Australia - I quizzed them all and there was one thing I found. While none advertised or openly admitted that PE worked, all, without exception, required that their patients undergo a strict PE program after surgery to cement and improve on surgical gains. Hmmmm…… interesting. Why is this so?
Sadly, the reason that the medical profession doesn’t openly endorse PE is not so much medical but economic. Put yourself in a doctor’s (very well heeled) shoes. What would you rather sell ….. A) a $20 PE program? …. B) a $200 penis enlarging device ….. or C) a $10,500 operation? For those who answered C) sorry, but you’re wrong. It’s a trick question ;) The answer is actually D) all of the above …..
Specialist doctors (urologists and plastic surgeons) know that PE works but as long as they can keep you in the dark, they stand to make a lot more money, simple as that. BTW if you want to find out about your penis then go and see a urologist. After all, if you were having hearing problems, you wouldn’t go and see a proctologist to get the best advice. :moon: ;)
For the sceptics and those who’d just like to find out more here are some links to some of the most eminent urologists and plastic surgeons in the world. These doctors know that PE works - no argument! Some of them even market or endorse their own PE products.
Dr. E. Douglas Whitehead
Dr. Gary W Reinschild
Dr. Gary Alter
Dr. Harold M. Reed
Dr. Robert H. Stubbs
Dr. Stephen X. Giunta

SandmannPV, scepticism is good and healthy, but please don’t let it blind you to everything. I’ve always found that if you make your own enquiries from many different sources it will help you make the most informed decisions. Good luck and make great gains.
lil1 :sun:

PS. Nearly forgot. Does anyone remember a guy who had his penis severed by his wife. It was reattached, now functions perfectly (nerves and all) and he then went on to make porn movies. I believe he was even on Oprah!

BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Bobbett, can’t remember his first name. I don’t know that he was fully functional after the reattachment though, he seemed to disappear from the porn industry pretty fast.

Hey, BTW, we getting a commission from the docs you listed??

Glad you found this place, lil. And even happier that it may have played a little part in your decision NOT to get snipped.

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You guys have been very supportive. I’ve gained about an inch in 3 months - I just keep thinking of all the money I’ve saved!! I can now nearly afford the extension on the house for the Christmas party!:chuckle:

lil1 :sun:

BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!


Of course I’m going to have a large extension! With the gains I’m making it’s going to be huge! Oh….. you meant the house. Sure ….. bring beer, pretzels and BibHangers - we’ll make it a convention!:chuckle:

lil1 :sun:

BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Great Thread.....

Great thread, guys. Keep it coming…..

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Bodies ability to Adapt

Sorry didnt have time to read all the posts, this one is going huge. Just wanted to make a reference to the indian tribe that places rings around there necks to make them longer. There necks are really long if you have seen them. This is an example to how the body adapts. I could also reference to gauging earings and skin stretching, but i dont know about that stuff.

I always believed that a person could do what ever they put there mind to do. If i wanted to fly, I could stretch the skin from my lower arms to the length of my legs. Then i would stitch them together and create a weblike effect. I may be able to fly or at least this is a start, but who would want to be that ugly.

PE skeptics

ok guys,

Thunder knows my history from my beginning with PE almost 2 years ago when I was a member of a now defunct pay site. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the wife and I decided to give it a try and see. After all, God knows we’ve wasted more on other things! Yes, it was a mutual decision made by both of us(she even paid for the membership);) I can still remember what she said after I did my first set of exercises. Oh My! was all she said after I called her in to see the difference. I think I gained about 1 3/4 in length in the first 2-3 month. I’ve missplaced my log book since moving to Albuquerque to go to school, but that sounds about right.I think I gained about 3/4 in girth in the same period of time. I freely admitted that I was out of work and was spending up to 2 hours a day “working out” due to many things, I’ve had to drop my program until recently and most of my gains have receded, but not all. Anybody that does weightlifting/body building can understand why. I’m trying to get back into my program now. trying to fit it in between work, school, and homework is a real bitch. I guess I could always give up what little sleep I do manage to get these days….. If my memory serves me correctly(it’s aging, so who knows) I started originally at about 5 7/8 L x 4 1/2 G erect. I went to a solid 7 1/4 L(BP) x just under 5 1/4 G. My original goal of 8x6 is the same. For the record, Sunny just whipped out a ruler and checked. I’m 5 3/4 flaccid(BP). I haven’t taken erect measurements in over a year. I’ll Have to have my assistant help recheck them soon.

So Sandman, the answer is yes, the exercises do work. Not everybody gains like I did and some gain more. My gains came fairly quickly, possibly due to the amount of time I spent exercising.


P.S. I’ll turn this already long post over to Sunny(the wife) and she can give you a bit of medical background about PE.

Thanks 403, first of all I want to stress that I am NOT a doctor. I work in the Physical Therapy field, so I do know a little about tissues and how they react to stretching and whatnot. When a tissue is stretched, it reaches a stage called elasticity, which means that you have created tiny microscopic tears in the tissue itself, as these tears heal, the tissue is enlongaged (or in english made bigger) This is why individuals that have had strokes (CVA) can regain the length in arms and legs that have shortened up because of neural damage, or can learn to talk again. Secjay is right that any tissue can be regenerated, including nerve tissue. However, if I had a race between nerve tissue and a snail, the snail would win, neural tissue regenerates at the amazing speed of 1-2cm per year! Now, to continue to clarify, you have the CNS or central nervous system comprised of the brain and spinal cord and the PNS or perhiperal nervous system, all of the nerves that go out from the spinal cord. The brain does regenerate, it is called plasticity, one area takes over for the damaged area; the spinal cord goes slower. The PNS is comprised of two types of nerves, myleniated and unmyleniated. Think of a teflon coating vs cast iron. The teflon coated nerves work faster than the cast iron ones, and yes they do regenerate, just s l o w l y.
Even heart tissue regrows, or at least that is the lastest buzz word.
But back to the orginal question, Sandman, why do you think they call it practicing medicine? Not all doctors are ready to accept the fact that tissue regenerates and can be lengthened. For that fact, some doctors don’t like to listen to their patients and be willing to say, ‘Gee, I don’t know’. Doctors are not Gods, even if they like to think they are. I just had a doctor try to prescribe a medication that I could not take, even after I told him I couldn’t take it. He wasn’t listening, his attitude was I have all of this education and I know what is best for you. And even if he had listened, which by the way he finally did, he wasn’t willing to admit that I knew more about me than he did. What I am trying to say is PE works, and just like any other exercise program or stretching program, it takes time to see results. As 403 stated, we were skeptical at first, but saw good results and have been very happy with them. I would not be sitting here typing this if it hadn’t, ok. Beleive in yourself and the possiblities of what you can achieve by doing PE. And tell your doctor to go take a leap, you and only you are in charge of your body, know it well.


Ya well......

After reading this post I had to go measure. I gained about 3/8” erect length in 7 weeks time jelqing and stretching. I’m not sure on the girth but it’s fatter. I know how you could be skeptical about this, I was. But as everyone has been saying you really can’t judge unless you try. There’s way too many people here for this to be a hoax. You have nothing to lose and alot to gain. Again many thanks Thunder and the rest of you.

P.S. lil1, need a price on your house extension? I’ll cut ya a deal man. LOL!

I still stand by my first and second long posts, no matter how abstract or apparantly irrelevant the argumens may seem to some of you.

I really wish people would stop saying that nerves don’t regenerate. Let me pose a question; How the hell do you think we learn things, or get better with motor skills, eg typing, martial arts, weight lifting etc etc etc… Of course alot of that stuff is due to your conscious brain voluntarily controlling your musculature and all that, but does anybody know HOW we can learn to be good at something, without physically changing?

If you don’t know the answer don’t worry - it was the ‘simplest answer’ thing again - when you learn something, or remember something, you DO PHYSICALLY change, on a cellular level. The neurons in your brain and the nervous structure throughout your body grows and branches out like a vine system, they connect to each other where they are needed and don’t bother developing where they aren’t used.

For example, if you practice a punch, every day for a little while, you slowly get better and better, faster, more accurate, better form, constantly… This is because your nervous system (for those who may not know - your nerves are like wires connecting your brain “calculator” to your body “actuators”, “motors” and “solenoids” :D ) becomes re-enforced to the motion, your body (as well as brain) ‘learns’ the movement by what we would call in mechanical terms “reconfiguring itself automatically”

This is also part of learning to walk, talk etc when we are babies.
And yes it does slow down with age, this nervous adaptation ability (can’t teach an old dog new tricks) but it is ever present untill that certain cell limit - the mortal’s cell life limit that I was tlaking about before (splitting limit)….

Actually, for those interested, geneticists have actually isolated genes in certain species of insect etc (eg insignificant lab animals) which control the cell life limit (enabling them to multiply indefinately) and these creatures are the first immortal creatures.. eg they never grow old and die. I think one species of fruit fly that this was done to, which normally lived for say, no more than a few weeks, was kept alive for several months with no apparant aging…

Anyways getting off topic… Any “doctors” want to back me up on any of this so that sandman will believe in my ‘theories’?


I think you need to read back through the posts. I believe everyone did agree with you. Or you agreed with them. At least about nerve regeneration. Whatever. I am going to go try that sleep thing again.



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