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Deep doubts in PE (please all read)

Deep doubts in PE (please all read)


maybe some of you become angry because of my post but since yesterday i MUST ask these questions.

I was at a neurologists (Dr.) yesterday and told him of these PE techniques i use (jelqing, hanging) and he told me some facts that bring me to a deep trust if this works at all.

He said:”The SKIN may be stretched [some PE sites claim that this proves that also the penis may be stretched] but the erectile tissue doesnt reproduce. There is NO possibility that the erectile bodies will enlarge through stress. There is NO analogy to the skin stretching.
It is a COMPLETE different tissue.
The photos of the Karamojong (45cm penises) can be faked or maybe the penis of these individuals was growing as large by nature.”

I didnt know what to say.
He is a doctor and he knows the tissues and he also told me that if the erectile bodies get damage (major damage) they will be lost forever.
Another hint that “Rebuilding” in this area isnt possible.

The theory of some people here is that through hanging there happen thin gaps in the tissue and then growth happens because the gaps fill with MORE tissue .
But the doctor (he is VERY competent) sais that this is completely wrong.

Ok , you will say: “But HERE are the proofs that PE works, look at the posts!”

But please dont be this naive!
Who tells you that a lot of the peaople here who claim to have gained some length or girth arent fakes? I can also chose 20 different nicks and tell everybody how much i gained…….
Or do some of you know people who gained in real life?

And i simply dont trust before-after photos.

Another argument:
Why the hell doesnt any DOCTOR make these techniques to “his own invention”. He only has to initiate a study with a few men for over a year and he will become very famous and rich IF IT WORKS.
Why doesnt this happen?

Where are the proofs that PE works?
REAL proofs!
The chartham study……
Hm….its from 1969. And why didnt any other doctor make BIG money with this? Why didnt MORE studies happen?
Why did the attention to this decrease?

The penis is the thing most men are thinking about.
Their self-confidence is backed up by the length of their penis often.
So why does no serious DR. spread these infos over the world and become famous?

This shall be no direct insult to some persons so please cool down and give me the right to ask questions in some issue where believing is very hard…..
I think you understand me.


Ok, it's time for the sad sad truth

All the people that you see here are me :(

Yes, it is me, with all the different nicks. I was SO close to getting rich from this scam. oh well.

OK, I’ve actually written a serious reply to this but then erased it.

Answer me this: what is it that you really want ? What answer are you looking for ?

If your penis size isn’t that important for you (lucky you) then don’t try it.


I dont laugh.
Its a serious issue for me and i cant be the only one who has doubts.
For sure no one can make money with a free forum….but think about that:

Commercial sites are linked here.

What is it what i really want?:
I want a larger dick without getting cheated by some people who sell things that dont work.

I look for an answer which underlines my distrust or shows me why things are like they are (Dr.s not selling PE devices etc.).

I am for sure here on this PE board because penis size doesnt matter to me……

I really dont laugh, i d like to read some serious replies……

damnit fucking bloody bullshit, thats all I gotta say… if you dont believe that the techniques work then fine. but if you give up without trying then you’ll never ever know for certain. some people take things like religion for granted with basically no (for lack of a better word) evidence, but then someone says “you can have a larger penis” and it’s all “I dont believe!” bullcrack fools. It does not matter what the fuck you choose to believe in, you’ll just never know untill you try for youself. So go ahead and believe what certain “knowledgeable people” say is the truth, or Take a chance and think for yourself. Sandman, damnit, stop imagining we are all figments of your imagination (you’ve seen the matrix TOO many times man) and stick to the fucking exercises for a few weeks or maybe a month or two. if you see absolutely no change whatsoever then you can safely dismiss this whole PE crock and get on with your life feeling slightly egotistically bruised, otherwise you will become a believer and then, such a fool your ‘professional’ becomes!

Imagine that, a DOCTOR is wrong, THEN what? WHO is right?
shit. As my opinion and my word obviously means jack-jumped over the candle stick to you, saying that I have gained distinct size to my prick is not enough for you to try.

Sorry for the negative tone of this post but this kind of thing *in general* (Not exclusively PE) Reall REALLY pisses me off.

Alot of people are too lazy or too stupid to just experiment for themselves, try things out, formulate their own perspective on life. This sickens me. Millions of braindead fuckwits coasting through life ALLOWING ‘the man’ to run that pathetic life for him, from the clothes they wear to the food they eat and the god they believe in…

again I’m sorry but I really just needed that venting. Feel free to censor me, mods. ;)

BTW as a note Sandman, answering some of your less significant issues;
This site is run entirely by one man, ThunderSS, who is interested enough in PE to buy his own domain and get the forum up and running, all out of his own time and wallet. The only reason commercial sites are linked at the bottom (very unobtrusively) is so that he stands a chance of not going bankrupt in a few months… do you have any idea the cost of running a website out of your own pocket with no outside funding???
And who the hell do you think is trying to cheat you or rip you off?? nobody!! stop being paranoid… it is under your control whether or not you even visit those external sites, nobody is “pushing” anything on you, there is not even any popups which I think it very um…. manly, of thunder ;)

yeah anyways, hope my posts aren’t too ‘serious’ fo ryou…

Seriosly, doctors only practice. They are not complete experts. The easiest answer that a doctor can give you is to stop doing what ever you are doing that isnt natural. There are a few scams out there so your doctor assumes they are all scams. He doesnt what you to waist your time or money so he pretends like he is for sure that nothing works. I can tell you from experience that it does work. I have not gotten any girth yet, but about 1/2” in length. This may be attributed to the strecthing of the ligament that connects to the base of the penis (the one they cut during surgery to make it longer). I dont think your doctor could deny that ligaments do stretch. I hate it how doctors are always pesamists about any new thing that is supposed to do something great. I am only a sophmore in college and majoring in biochemistry. I am a bodybuilder and i am interested in cell building and all that. I have heard theorys that cells do not multiply, they only enlarge or shrink. I have also heard that if a cell becomes large enough that it may split into two smaller celss. Most doctors believe that you are born with a certain number of muscle cells and thats all you will ever have. When you lift wieghts, these cells become larger, but there is still the same number and it is still the same tissue. Cell splitting is a new theory and i think it was proven with fat cells.

Some say those who take steroids split there muscle cells. Doctors did claim that there is not possible way that steroids can increase muscle size for about 10 years.

Hear is my advice, do the program at a very moderate pace, so that you do not damage your tissue. You should see some gains that will sell you on the idea. I would leave your doctor in the dark about it though so he doesnt become rich off something he had no faith in anyhow.

>damnit fucking bloody bullshit, thats all I gotta say…


I stick for sure to my routine and i will see if gains will come.
I WANT to know if it works and it would be a great feeling to go to this doctor in 1 year and show him my dick which grew and look in his eyes.
That would be FANTASTIC.

The thing why i started this thread is cause i wonder why no one (no official DR. who can make the BIG money with this) sells the techs on his own…..

>Sandman, damnit, stop imagining we are all figments of your imagination (you’ve seen the matrix TOO many times man) and stick to the fucking exercises for a few weeks or maybe a month or two.

I saw it three times but i didnt affect me THIS much…… :-)

>Imagine that, a DOCTOR is wrong, THEN what?

I cant imagine that if he tells me that these tissues CANT grow (realise this!) that this is wrong.
But i will find out!

>shit. As my opinion and my word obviously means jack-jumped over the candle stick to you, saying that I have gained distinct size to my prick is not enough for you to try.

Which techniqes did u use for the gains?

>Sorry for the negative tone of this post but this kind of thing *in general* (Not exclusively PE) Reall REALLY pisses me off.

Hey its ok.
U motivate me!

To the forum payment issue:
Yes for sure he has to pay for this forum.
And promotion banners get money back……

I am not paranoid!
I am only critical! :-)

Ok, i agree to u.

Thanks for your answer!
U are right there are indeed some theories about cell division/growth out there and no one knows whats right.
This confuses me, too.
But i will go on.

And: I wont explain how it works to the doc IF it works ;-)

Bye, SPV


It is amazing, isn’t it - a free safe way to enlarge your penis. And not by just 2mm, but by a lot. Simply amazing, considering how important penis size is. Amazing. Well, here it is.

You can find all the information you want on this site. Free of charge, and to achieve the gains you wouldn’t need to spend a cent. You don’t need to buy vitamins, or pay for some PE program. It’s free, it’s fun and it actually work. You don’t have to belive the last part, but you can be sure about the first two.
So, you see, there’s nothing to cheat you of.


Doctors of PE

Just a side note, doctors are only practicers. They know because they have seen things before and have practiced things that normal people dont. Most doctors do not practice PE. There are people on this website that have practiced it for years. They are your real doctors, talk to them. I would believe some one who has practiced PE for years over some one who probably doesnt know any of the techniches. Doctors dont know everything. They know alot about what they have practiced. I have went to a doctor about bodybuilding supplements and had to correct him on advice he was giving me. This is only because he has not really dealt with the stuff before. Sure he may have studied the chemical a week or so in school, but would you remember it if you hadnt heard of it in years. You can start the program at a pace that is not much more severe than masterbating. It may take a while to see gains, but give it a try. This is a serois issue and worth the effort. If you are really worried go over the work out with your doctor.

It is only nerve cells that dont repair themselves. I am pretty sure that the penis enlargement does not target the nerve cells of the penis. Come to think of it, i heard it was only the spinal cord that doesnt repair itself. As a neurologist he is used to cells not healing themselves. I am a little more open to your sceptisism. Let us know if we have helped, I would like to change a non-believer.

Yes, PEnister.
Its free.
I only thought about the psycholoigal effect of the links, u know, that someone says to himself:

” It does not work, i will buy a program which is linked there or the Power-Jelq”

But you are right.
U can do PE without paying a cent to the ones who built all this here.

Maybe i’m in fact a little bit paranoid :-)

Lets see if facts will come.
Startin hanging session 3*20 mins in 10 minutes ;-)



Actually, there are at least a few doctors with pay PE sites. BA’s paysite is endorsed by a doctor.

Also, these boards have quite a few doctors that I know of who reply to many posts. They may or may not wish to divulge who they are, but they are registered members.

The thing is, PE is relatively new. Up until a few years ago, the only means of getting a larger penis was surgery. While the various penis surgeries are not advocated by the urologists community, it is the only way they make a buck from PE, other than pay websites.

I don’t blame you, I did not believe in PE either. The only reason I continued was because I achieved fast, significant gains. But I cannot fault the doubts of any others.


It is only nerve cells that dont repair themselves. I am pretty sure that the penis enlargement does not target the nerve cells of the penis. Come to think of it, i heard it was only the spinal cord that doesnt repair itself. As a neurologist he is used to cells not healing themselves. I am a little more open to your sceptisism. Let us know if we have helped, I would like to change a non-believer.

Larry, nerve cells dont repair for sure.
Otherwise some major handicaps would be “repairable”

Sorry, u didnt make me to a believer (of PE u meant, or not?), but i will try.
Maybe i damn u all in 1 years maybe i come back and tell of the growth.

Hope this all doesnt remain a fantasy…….

U helped me with giving me some ideas to think about!

Thanks for your answer , too-
I have a certain believe in all you here (especially you) but sometimes the doubts come hard in my mind.
I will try it out.
One thing to your hanger:
From the ones i tried your ones is definitely the best.
But im always a little bit afraid to lose some of my sensitiveness.

And getting a non-sensitive penis, which makes pain to me and doesnt get an erection . And a hard-feeling skin and NO gains that are my personal horrors.
What was your starting size, Bib?


I am a doctor

Sandman, neurologists are fucking idiots in regards to any thing outside thier area. Urologists make money putting in plastic dicks or doing phalloplasty. I am a general internist. 3 months ago I would have told you that PE is bullshit and possibly dangerous . I started out 12/19/2001 at 6.125x5.0 now I’m closing in on a one inch gain in length and 0.125” in girth all in 2 months time!! I got into this looking for a natural way to strengthen my erections and got that plus an extra inch to boot. I wouldnt give up but do what you gotta do………………………………………LUV DADUS

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Regarding the desire to see “dr. recommended” penis enlargement solutions, this has already been done. But here is the kicker. Many of those sites are the ones that are ripoffs! Most of the sites which claim either to be founded by a doctor or approved by a doctor pretty much stole the information which has been freely available on our various forums for years. Would it make you feel better for your doctor to PRESCRIBE 4 20 minutes sets of weights for you? You’re not going to find any doctor who has the knowledge of penis enlargement as the guys here do. You may find one who has heard of some of the techniques and what they are “supposed” to do, but they will never endorse them. Do you want to know why? Because they really have no control over how you would perform your routine. Some idiot could really overdo it and then sue for malpractice when his dick falls off because he hung too much weight; or bursts a vessel when he refuses to warmup before squeezing the shit out of his dick.

Basically, Doctors, even if they gain knowlege of PE, will never endorse it becuase most men are too stupid to do it right.

Being successful in PE takes many ingredients: Hard work, patience, common sense, and believing. If you keep telling yourself it’s a crock, then for you, it always will be.

One more thing: this site is for the benifit of the entire PE community. Thunder is so gracious to provide this meeting place for us, and I can assure you that the monthly expenses come out of HIS pocket. Anything that might would come in through clicking on any of the links on the bottom aren’t even a drop in the bucket when it comes to the upkeep costs, not to mention all of the time involved behind the scenes.



Some nerve cells do repair themselves i think. I believe i was going over it in anatomy class. It is the big ones that dont. Nerve cells to muscles that stimulate them to grow i believe do repair themselves to an extent. At least half muscular gain in the beginning can be attributed to increased nuero-muscular connections.

When you are starting the program, have an open mind. You have to believe that it will work. If you do everyworkout with the idea that this is bullshit, you may not get anywhere. It takes dedication. You can be skeptical on measuring days, but on workout days be an optimist. You also have to be patient and dont give up.

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