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Deep doubts in PE (please all read)

I cant help it if the thread grew faster than we could all dream of the same thing happening downstairs…. sorry if I missed the direction of the convo eh…

Just my two cents worth to this discussion. I could not resist.

Look at the Doctors’ attack against Chriopractic care a few decades back. The doctors lost and had to pay some big ass$ to the chriopratic care camp. Basically they tried to run them out of existance.

Almost 100 years ago there were multiple doctor organizations. They all got consalidated under the AMA. No other voices were tolerated. Look at the way that these organizations attack herbs and alternative medicine.

I suffer from a nasty GI disease. The gastro doctors want to cut out my whole large intestines. I refuse and look for any alternate means to alleviate this condition such as herbs, hypnosis for stress reduction, etc….

Alternate ways of thinking often piss off the people who have a financial stake in the accepted methodolgy. Right now there are over 6,000 patents at the US PTO to increase gas mieage. To get a patent you need a lawyer to look over the patent and make sure it doesn’t “steal” from a previous one. Then a scientist looks over the proposal and sees to make sure you don’t screw existing science over. An example would be a perpetual motion machine or cold fusion. If you get bored and have PEd today look up this info. Any patent with 123 as the first three numbers relates to an internal combustion engine.

Doctors are usually full of shit. They are no better than a car mechanic with their opinion of Chevy vs. Ford vs Honda. These flesh mechanics are so opionated they make the psychology camp look as orderly with the conflicting theories and schemas as to why people are what they are. In China, You can become a doctor in TWO years!

Skepticism is cool. A German proverb says a person should always question the experts. Believe nothing at first basically. I won my skepticism over with this board as well as the PE forum. I mean the idea of guys bitching about how insecure they were over their kickstands seemed insane at first, well at least with a board. But I know tons of women who have implants including some dear friends. Feminity is defined by a nice set of tits. The masculinity is defined as a huge third leg!

The body completely regenearates every cell before the 7 year mark. I saw some mention of this in a previous post to this question. Remembered that figure from my “A” I received in Chemistry and Society this fall.

Look at it this way, if it works you can tell us all about it and we’ll all congratulate you. This place is kind of like a bunch of drinking buddies to me. ALways helping each other and having fun too. Worse case is your dick will file a restraining order against your hands! LOL! TT

Hi again,

this discussion motivates me a lot to go on so a “Thanks!” at first.
Maybe this doctor told me things and didnt know if all this PE could work but told me that it wouldnt, i dont know.

I am hanging right now (got half a pound up in weight :) ) and the answer will come.

Penile surgery is VERY expensive indeed this could really be a reason why they all dont run on Natural PE and spread it over the world.
I really hope it works……
If not i will engage some killers and hackers to get my revenge….


Just kiddin

If Natural PE works i would like to spread it all over the world by myself……but stop dreaming, SPV, go on :)

@ lil12big1:

I always thought that this “post-operational NAtural PE” is applies that the penis will not get smaller because of the scars….not to let it grow any longer.But maybe this happens, TOO…..
I understand your comparison about the different prizes.
The penile enlengthening surgery doctors are thieves in my eyes.

This operation doesnt give a reason to be THIS expensive, these assholes really make a big buck with this.

Thanks for your wishes!
I am also glad that you didnt go to that doctor.
Think about the side-effects.
->erection angle lowered
->problems to get a hard erection
->problems to get the erection to stay
->erection often doesnt point straight out

I will keep some of my scepticism but try to keep my mind open (o ropen it more)

@ larry:

Flying….. :)
For sure :D
Did u know that birds have chambers with air in thier bodies? This makes them able to fly…

@ renegade403:

What did u do to make these gains?
-u know i have to ask this every time i read of gains :)
Tell your wife a “thanks” from me for the infos.


But u cant compare a learning effect with tissue growth…..
Motor skills like muscle training, learning or playing piano are adaptation possibilities the body is ready for.
The “small brain” (dont know whats its name in America…here in Germany a “big brain” and a “small brain” exists in everyones head…i think in America too :) ) is the instance for learning motoric things.

And what u say about nerves…..I VERY OFTEN heard that nerves dont regenerate (let me tell u the fact that if you get a worse and worse hearing that this will NEVER get better……because the nerves dont regenerate).

Bye and good gains to all of you,


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chambers of air….?


Hollow bones.

I actually knew that, and automatically assumed thats what it meant… wasn’t too clear though and it’s my feeble attempt to make im look foolish :D

regarding hearing loss

actually, i believe it is the destruction of scillia(sp?) which results in hearing loss from over-exposure to loud volumes. these are basically hairs that resonate sympathetically with vibrations in the air(sound). they are different sizes and respond to different pitches and in turn carry the signal to nerves beneath them. if these break off, they can no longer carry the signal and deafness results.

me no articulate. also need sleep.


I wonder how sandman is doing?

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Quite a thread. Glad it was bumped.

I guess everyone can be skeptical, bottomline, no one is forcing anyone to come in here. I also want to mention, I offered the Mighty Thunder <Majestical Bow to “The Man”> a donation for the site, and he told me to hold it for now, imagine that. So when I get my arse in gear, I’ll be ordering a couple of shirts.

I caught some names and links that I’ll look into further, good resource. Thanks for bumping Dino.


Ditto - Nice bump Dino. Very clearly brings back my own considerable doubts before I actually gave this whackiness a shot.

Also reminds me of how badly I wanted a bigger unit. Sometimes our desire is so great, no amount of skepticism is enough to old us back. Thank God.

The human body is an incredibly adaptive organism. I looked into a case in sociology that concerned a boy stuck in the wild for over 13 years in a cold climate. The prupose of my study was his personality results but one thing I found was this boy was able to be in freezing temperatures with no clothes safely because that is where he grew up, puting clothes on him lead to him throwing them off most likely due to being uncomfortable. I’m sure doctors don’t have a very good explanation as to his case but it happens. Putting pressure on the penis over time imo will cause the penis to slolwy adapt and the way it adapts is by enlarging which is the goal. Blood vessels can expand as they do in muscles or any area of the body which may be under extra stress.

Originally Posted by Guardian
I looked into a case in sociology that concerned a boy stuck in the wild for over 13 years in a cold climate… one thing I found was this boy was able to be in freezing temperatures with no clothes safely because that is where he grew up…

But did it make his penis bigger???

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by SandmannPV
I look for an answer which underlines my distrust or shows me why things are like they are (Dr.s not selling PE devices etc.).

Doctors only peddle in Viagra, Prozac and hand out ADHD drugs to children as if they were candy. So you are right, Doctors DON’T sell PE devices. They have much bigger kickbacks waiting for them in the Pharmaceutical industry.


~Here's Johnny!~


Sand man must have been from Missouri. There’s to many guys with classical evidence to dispute. The obvious escapes some people.

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A lot of doctors are idots anyways. Having dealt with county health in the past has convinced me of this. I told the fucking doctors I had a prostate infection and they wouldn’t listen telling me I was to young and such. After having to see two doctors who were convinced I had an asymptomatic STD they proceeded to prescribe antibiotics. The same type that would knock out a prostate infection. Anyways I tested negative for an STD. Since then I’ve been very wary of crap doctors have told me.


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