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Dedication dummy..

Dedication dummy..

Ok here it is..

Why is it that we all know that gains are achievable and we know what needs to be done to get them but we do not stay dedicated.(Maybe it’s just me) I myself have been PE-ing for over 2yrs now and have had some minimal gains but none since.(actually some decline) Lets take a simple routine for instance, we know that the newbie routine does in fact work, it has for many members here for many years. Some start it but do only a week or so and jump right into a more rigid routine. WHY? This routine works! Lets take me for instance, I know and believe that heat is a big influence on gains and I should be using it on every workout, but I don’t. Why not?? I think of myself as a pretty disciplined person but maybe I am just lying to myself.

I just do not get it. I go to the gym regularly for a few months. It seems just when my progress is showing and improving, I decide to get mentally bored and not go for 4 months. It seems that this happens with my PE workouts too. Except I have never really quit, I just do some here some there and hope for the best. The longest I actually stuck with a routine was a month or two. Here is the kicker, I WANT AND NEED A BIGGER DICK. I AM OBSESSED WITH MY SMALL PENIS AND GROWING IT. I WANT TO BE BIG AND STRONG AND LOOK PHENOMENAL. So where do I go wrong, why do I get complacent. I hope I am the only one who is like this but something tells me I am not. I figured I would put this out here for discussion. So… discuss away. Tell me what the hell is wrong.

Started 5.5 x 4.5 erect Length and Girth Goal 7 x 6.5 erect Length and Girth

Currently 5.9 x 5.5 erect Length,Girth and going !

My experience has been along similar lines, but with this fairly recent self realization:

If we (at least me in this case) set a self improvement goal, in spite of how motivated I am initially, I tend to look on it as only a temporary period of my life that I desperately want to get through, to complete, and when it is finished, put behind me to be able to enjoy the results of my disciplined struggle.

Soon, in actuality, my focus eventually changes from working to achieve the original goal, to just getting through the process, and looking forward to being able to resume a “normal” life again. Distractions creep in and progress wanes.

I have experienced much better success by instead of looking at these as just temporary additions to my normal life, I fully adopt them into my lifestyle. I merge them permanently into my daily routines rather than being something additional I should do, and feel guilty about if I don’t. It’s really about taking permanent ownership of the effort, rather than just temporarily borrowing it.

I tried PE over the years several times, but lost interest every time because of slow or no gains. After stumbling onto Thunder’s, I forum lurked for months, and came to the realization that, yeah, it is real, it does work. Since this goal was incredibly important to me, I adopted the attitude of: “If it takes me the rest of my life, so be it!”
It is now an integral part of my life, I am seeing gains, they are slow, but consistant and very real.

Later on I may (and most probably will) re-evaluate what is then necessary in my life, and do a cost / benefit analysis and possibly adjust my life style accordingly.

In reality it comes down to just being a head trip of deciding if your goal is sufficiently important. If it is, become completely invested in it as a permanent part of your life, not just something you will do for a limited period of time.

Success, friend.

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