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dummy hanger

dummy hanger

Well i made a hanger, it is not better than bib’s it is just easy to make and… well carry around.

Well the picture it self is not really good because i made it my self.

The wooden stick is placed in front of your knees when you sit maybe on a computer or something and the power is controlled by how close your knees are.

Well i simply wrapped my dick and put the robes around it.

Only thing that it has advantage on bib hanger is how easy it is to make i made this one under 5 minutes.

Well ummmm… thats about it.

Lets just say that it feels like your dick is pulled so it work but it is not more than a think its only like 2kilo pulling power maybe bit more.

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Looking to be a kiwi.

Well, as long as you dont want to make your penis bigger and, are just toying around this design looks great. To put more resistance on your penis you need to build a real hanger like the basic home made BIB hangers. Dont ever try to hang more than a couple pounds with any sort of rope or cord tied to your penis.

Watch out for nerve and vein damage.

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