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No dedication no discipline no gains

No dedication no discipline no gains

I wanted to know if one can still add length or girth even if they are going half ass on everything or maybe doing it right but not doing it as much as they should? Say you do PE here and there maybe some weeks 3 days and others 4 days or you start to PE and you don’t do it enough maybe you don’t have time or whatever? Can people still get gains or are they just wasting time?

Probably won’t gain anything if you arent putting in the time.the newbie routine goes by real fast

Yeah, takes like 20 minutes. Just do it, time flies.

Oh I have no problem doing it, I was just wondering if anyone could gain by doing it here and there over a year or so.

I seemed to gain 1/2 an inch (from 5.5” to 6”) in length and 0.3” (5” to 5.3”) in girth in the first 3 months with no specific routine and not much dedication. But over the last 2 months i don’t seem to have gained on that so i decided to start on a proper routine about 3 days ago, haven’t managed to keep to it yet, off to do some jelqing now!

Damn that’s pretty good

Yeah, I think most of the length came from JAI-streches & V-streches and the girth from erect jelqing. Shame the growth hasn’t continued, I’ll have to start a proper routine now.

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