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I just got back from my follow up at the urology center. It seems I have developed peyronies disease. Before PE I had straight erections, now they hook to the left. He shot some stuff in my dick that made me rock hard. I mean viagra ain’t got nothing on this stuff. He then did a doppler scan to observe blood flow. He said that the peyronies was causing minor venous leakage. The urologist then prescribed a drug called colchicine typically used for treating gout. He said that the use of the drug had been successful in dissolving the scar tissue that causes peyronies. He geussed that, with the degree of curvature that I have, it would take about three months.

I am sharing this because I have read posts written by people who are slowly developing curvature from PE. They may want to have this checked out before they proceed further, or atleast examine there techniques. I attribute my problem to improper jelqing (i.e. not jelqing evenly with both hands) and nearly erect jelqing.

Mods- I know that this thread probably belongs in the injury forum, but I thought it might be important for as many people as possible to see it.…pdi/202160.html

I assume your condition and the gout have something in common for the drug to work?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

The doctor just said that the colchicine would slowly dissolve the scar tissue causing the peyronies. I doubt that gout and peyronies have very much if anything in common. This treatment must have been discovered since 1998, as it was not mentioned in the literature that he gave copywrited then. I forgot to mentioned he also told me to take 1000 iu of vitamin E. Anyway, the literature says that peyronies can dissapear on its own, you can take potassium aminobenzoate, or have surgery. Surgery to include: 1) removal of the plaque, replacing it with a graft, 2) shortening of the penis on the opposite side of the plaque, or 3) implantation of a prosthesis. I sure hope the medicine works because 2 & 3 don’t sound appealing at all.

Good luck. I always had a psychotically high level of Uric Acid in my blood for the last 7 years. This was before I started drinking too or living off soda, tea, etc…… Gout blows! I hope everything goes as planned. I wonder if going to a gout free menu could help? For instance I am supposed to drink a ton of water, avoid beer, seafood, gravies, etc… so that it doesn’t raise my Uric Acid. If it does I can eat blue berries by the ton and celery to cannabalize and break apart the uric acid crystals.

I hope one of the medically knowledgable could spell it out for me, how this med works on the dick problem.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I was in a bar at the beach one time talking to a guy that said he had gout. He didn’t seem to be feeling any pain so I said something like “I didn’t think you were supposed to drink if you have gout”. He said that he took a pill three times a day that kept it in check. Maybe colchisine was what he was talking about. Have you tried it?

I suffer from a nasty version of ulcerative colitis. Which basically translated means I have a 24/7 ass disease, that means when you had the flu and had really nasty trots for a day and begged for it to go away, I live this way for the past 7 years every day.

The gout medicine I can take will fix me up nice for my uric acid levels, but will stir my ass up big time, back to uncontrollable levels. That is the side-effect. So when I got Gouted this past summer, I decided to eat healthier and see what could be managed. It worked well for me. If I didn’t have school, I would just take the drug and not leave the house for six weeks and let it work its magic. Then fix the colitis and eat healthy again. But I can’t afford that time wise or without insurance.

For instance Post Gout, I drink maybe 2 beers a week tops. That is it. No more Olympic style binges. It really boils down to moderation.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Look at the bright side. You have the shits and a sore foot, but, only drinking two beers a week, your liver will last you 150 years. I would trade you both your ailments for the peyronies. I just miss PE’ing. Hopefully, after 3 months, I’ll remember how to PE.

chas123, I have a question for you…did you just wake up with this one day, or did you slowly notice a curve? I’ve wondered about this disease with all the streching and pulling and twisting and whatever I do to my pud, if one day all the scar tissue was going to snap all at one time and I was going to end up with a freakin corkscrew…can you please let us know how this all came about? Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and a speedy recovery to you…


Originally Posted by chas123
Look at the bright side. You have the shits and a sore foot, but, only drinking two beers a week, your liver will last you 150 years. I would trade you both your ailments for the peyronies. I just miss PE’ing. Hopefully, after 3 months, I’ll remember how to PE.

Hey, chas, don’t ever wish yourself any kind of digestive condition! Colitis is hell. TT, I’m sorry you have to cope with that.

I had a five month bout of inflammation of the sub-mucosal lining of the rectum. Now, before any of you make jokes about me getting poked in the rear too often, let me assure you that getting f****d is not interesting to me. Just never turned me on. So I didn’t get inflamed from having fun. I had to see the proctologist once a week, I had too many exams to count. Finally cancer was ruled out. But shitting was excruciatingly painful. I had to take strong pain killers just to get through the day. I lost over 10% of my weight and I have nothing to spare, trust me.

My cock always had a slight left curve and twist. Nothing much but noticeable. I try now to PE against the curve as described in other posts, but I don’t mind having it. My urologist explained the treatments, too. He joked by saying I could inject my TriMix in the “good” side and maybe the new scarring would even things out. Right. And make my dick shorter. I don’t think I will take that path.

I don’t like to hear that you developed Peyronies after starting PE. That sucks. I hope the meds help reduce the plaque. I also would like to read future responses to your post. I don’t want my curve to increase. Ideally PE should reduce curvature and improve penile health. I’m sure you’ve wondered if you injured yourself some other way, vigorous sex perhaps, but can’t recall any such injury. Maybe vigorous PE?

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

I’m not sure how quickly it came on. I was using generic viagra for my exersizes. I was doing 2 on and 1 off so I think I pretty much always had some of it in my system. Then when I took a whole weekend off monday morning things seemed kind of dead down there. Erections came back after a couple of weeks, but nowhere near the hardness I had before. I think that using the viagra was the main factor because it inhibited my ability to “listen to my dick”. I noticed the curve, but, like you tomarctus, didn’t really mind. The problem I really have with the peyronies is that it causes venous leakage. This was the explanation the urologist gave for my hard-ons being weaker.

I believe another contributing factor to my problem was jelqing while too erect.

chas will that venomous leakage go away on its own or you have to have a surgery for that? Same thing happened to me but i didn`t go to the doctor yet. 2months ago after a crazy session of PE next morning my penis couldn`t get up and be as hard. Then after 2-3 weeks i got normal erections but with a curve. now i always had a curve but now it is like 10-15 % bigger then before. It really sucks. I`ve been doing some exercises for past 2 months and nothing has changed my curve. I hope it will not stay like that forever. I was wondering if its ok to jelq when having Peyronie. Can i actually worsen it? I don`t do erect jelqs only 50-70 % erect. I started to massage it with an VITAMIN E OIL but people say it don`t work. It sucks and i don`t want to go to the doctor, cause i`m to embarrassed.

NOW : jan1-04 6.25x5.0 curve to the left about 40 degrees.

HOPE : 7x5.5 end of 2004 curve of 20 degrees or less.

He said that the peyronies was causing the venous leakage and that it would go away once things sraightened up more. He said a curve of 5 degrees is normal and does not cause problems so at this point that’s what I’m shooting for. I did not ask him whether or not jelqing would help or hurt as he advised me not to do it anymore.
I am going to heal for a while then start out very slowly never using the viagra (for PE anyway) and never exceeding 70%.

Don’t be embarrased to go to the doctor. Just find one that specializes in erection difficulty. I was very apprehensive at first, but once I got in there and explained what jelqing was he just shrugged it off like it was mild compared to what he had seen in the past. The meds apparently take a while to work (he said to return in three months in my case) so the sooner you start the better. It may be a god idea to give him this url before the visit so you don’t have to go into so much detail.

There was a guy on the old PE board who swore by viagra and pumping for hours…I’m not for the idea of getting “manufactured wood” for PE…that’s what porn is for… : )

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