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Curvature correction?

Curvature correction?

I’ve had success from PE methods, and I went from about 6 to about 6.75. However, I have a curve that I think I developed from jelqing improperly somehow. Has anyone had any success in reversing or at least minimizing a sideways curvature? Thanks for the info.

To elaborate, about midway up my shaft it curves to the left about 15-20 degrees. What kind of stretching would help, and if I should jelq against it, should it be an erect jelq or a semi erect jelq and how should I grab my penis during the jelq? Also, if anyone knows the power jelq device, does that help?


There are two ways to correct the curvature. One is the jelq itself. If your curvature is to the left, you should jelq to the right, I mean, creating a curvature that is opposite to the one you have. The other method is the erect bend. It should be totally erect. Then you bend your penis to the opposite side. See the video by Gandolf “erect bend”. Let me know.

Good luck!


How exactly do I jelq to the right? Do I just angle the whole jelq to the right, or do I begin to turn the jelq at a certain point. Also, where is this video of Gandolf’s? Thanks a bunch.

By using you right hand to jelque, the OK grip as you jelque has a tendency of working on straightening the left curve by straightening and also pulling the dick more towards the right.

You should also pack your dick towards the right instead of the left, in you inner wears.

You must always remain patient as growth comes with time

I had a curve to the left when I started PE and I was jelqing to the right. (pulling to the right with my right hand and pushing to the right when I used my left) and it it almost completely corrected the curve.


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I think my gains came from the fact that I did erect jelqing because that was major work on my penis. Anyway, I’d still like to see that video if someone can tell me where to find it. I can’t.

it is on the main page, see the routines

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