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Biggest documented correction of penis curvature

Biggest documented correction of penis curvature

Who has achieved the biggest known correction of curvature? I see reports of people improving their curves somewhat, by a few degrees, but I never see anything really exciting such as in other domains of PE (ie length and girth) where we do have quite a few dramatic results. When I am talking about curvature I am most interested in left/right, but up/down is also worth noting.

Exploring the curve thing is something that I think would be a huge thing, at least to those of us who are penile “bodybuilders” and care more about visuals than raw BPEL and such (those guys would be more the equivalent of powerlifters, if you get my analogy).

Good stuff, thanks.

A pump might be a good thing for an anti-curve routine then?

Not sure. Maybe it depends on the cause of that curvature - if it’s caused by a CC chamber being bigger than another, the answer could be ‘No’. Anyway, you could get a better educated answer asking to our masters of pumping - Gprent, Avocet8, Lampwick.

Yes, I think there can be multiple causes. It could be tight lights or uneven CC chambers like you say. Maybe also differences in tunica? I also suspect that the cause of an up/down curve differs from a left/right one.

Differences in tunica? Yes, maybe plaques or fibrotic tissue do due traumas, like in Peyronie diseas. In this last case, I think the best way to correct a curve could be using an extender.

I only have a slight curve, which is normal and quite common. Nevertheless, it would be cool to have a 100% straight penis (it would also add significantly to my measurements).

Nice bodybuilder/powerlifter-analogy. Anyway, a curvature is not only a problem, it might also be a benefit. Mine is slightly curved to the left, and it doesnt bother me much. My point is that the curvature might produce more friction in the vagina, like a bigger girth would. That means that your unit will feel girthier to the woman. I think I read it in a sexual education book and it seams reasonable. (I have relatively more musclestrengt than musclemass by the way, and respect powerlifting more than bodybuilding as a sport). But anyway: Good luck with correcting the curvature.

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