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Corpus Spongiosm

Corpus Spongiosm

I think one of the main reasons why my girth is more on the lower side of average is because my CS does not fully engorge when erect. I have seen many pictures here where the CS is fully engorged and sticks out from the bottom, where with me it does not. I am currently between 4.75”-4.8” EG and I really think that if i got full engorgement of the CS I could easily be 5” EG. Is there any exercise I can do to work? And also is this normal?


It’s perfectly normal that your CS isn’t hugely prominent, though if you want to work on enlarging it, you could consider clamping as that really attacks the CS. Bear in mind that you should only consider clamping if you’re a seasoned PEer.

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I know that kegels have increased the prominence of my CS, which also has inflated the glans more as well. If you don’t have kegels as part of your regular routine, try it out for a month and see what happens.

Thanks for the responses guys. Wideload, on average, about how many kegals do you do per day?

I do them in sets of 10 or 15 throughout the day, approximately 2 or 3 hours apart. I don’t squeeze like hell, just enough to feel a good solid squeeze that I can hold for about 5 seconds, then slowly release. I guess that adds up to between 50 to 75 kegels per day.

I have read threads here where guys have claimed to be doing hundreds per day, fast reps, slow reps, fluttering, etc. I don’t think this is necessary, I have felt a dramatic improvement with a consistant schedule of quality kegels. Even with the improvement, I have not added more kegels or increased the intensity or duration of the squeezes. Try it.

Yeah having that big ridge going up the front of your Penis is nice:D

I’ve recently gained in that area from clamping and jelqing and it’s great ^_^

I have no evidence to back this up but I do believe that kegels are the best way to go.

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