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Does the Corpus Spongiosum get as hard as the Corpus Cavernosum?

Does the Corpus Spongiosum get as hard as the Corpus Cavernosum?

I’m probably freaking myself out over here, but I’ve gotta ask.

Does the corpus spongiosum ever get rock hard like the corpus cavernosum?

Mine fills with blood but doesnt seem to get very hard. My glans never really get very hard either.

So I guess the question is… does yours? is supposed to get rock hard?

I think the hardness factor of the CS is based on a few variables which is of course different for different people. The main one being how many slow and fast kegels you do. How well trained your BC/PC muscles from reverse and normal kegels. It is common knowledge that kegels both slow and fast done right are they way to go to make your dick rock hard when you get erections (both CC’s and CS I guess). It’s funny you mention the glans because both the glans and the CS are connected with each other. So by doing kegels you would be training your CS as well as your BC and PC muscles probaly? That is why in porn you see certain dudes that have a huge hard CS (big bulgeing line down the middle of the bottom of there shaft) because they proably have done many many kegels slow and fast while erect and flaccid as well as some jelqing. Mine doens’t perosnally get rock hard yet but I have expiermented with doing what I’m talking about and it does appear that my CS gradually gets harder with jelqing/kegels and some rest making sure not to overtrain as well. There proably is a PE technique that can be used to target the CS especially actually…

That’s just the thing. I have a huge CS and it looks like the big ones in porn that you are mentioning. It just isn’t hard to the touch.

The ventral side you the penis is soft, spongy, hence the name. The basic function of the CS is to sheath the urethra and to protect it from trauma during intercourse. It is the lateral structures that give your erection it’s rigidity. The CS really takes a beating during clamping. This is why the screw should always point toward the floor.

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Originally Posted by Spektrum

So I guess the question is… does yours? is supposed to get rock hard?

No, mine doesn’t get as hard as the CC. The glans is largely described as an extension of the CS and has no Tunica Albuginea as the CC does. The TA is largely whats responsible for the “rock hard” condition of the CC. You can do a google search or a search here for the dynamics of an erection. Pretty interesting, albeit a bit heady with regard to functions and wording. Pressure created within the CC/against the TA is a bit more complex than what one might think, at least that’s the impression I got from it. Not just a simple “balloon effect” so to speak.

It sounds like you possess a normal functioning penis. If so, you may notice a bit of difference in firmness of the glans and CS depending on erection level, but it’ll rarely, if ever come near the firmness of the CC.

Good posts above… :)

The TA is quite tough. As your erection grows, the veins leading out of the CC get compressed against the TA, keeping the blood from leaving and increasing the hardness. IF you squesse it the blood inside has nowhere to go! Your CS doesn’t have this process. If you squeeze or press it blood can leave it freely, making it spongy. So it should never get “rock hard”.

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I once saw an article which claimed that the Corpus spongiosum is only 1/2 to 1/3 as hard as the Corpora Cavernosa at a full erection. Unfortunately, I can’t find that article any more.

Thanks for all the responses, I feel much better now. :)

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