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Injecting growth hormone into corpus cavernous

Injecting growth hormone into corpus cavernous

This may seem off the wall but has anyone ever considered the effects of injecting growth hormone directly into the corpus cavernous? Many people with erectile disfunction inject themselves with something called caverject which causes an immediate erection. A small insulin needle is used and it is injected directly into the corpus cavernous. The needle is so small (similar to an insulin needle) that it is hardly even felt. What if one were to use this same type of needle to virtually eleminate any pain, but instead inject growth hormone into the corpus cavernous? Would this cause the penis to grow? How about doing this right after a PE session to enhance gains? Any thoughts?

They’re used to be a guy who posted on male plastic surgery messageboard claiming to have achieved a gain of about an inch after injecting 6iu of hgh into his penis every day for about a month. His doctor had told him that it didn’t matter where on the body you inject hgh and so “experimentally” he chose this site. From a science point of view HGH is supposed to stimulate organ growth, so I don’t know whether this was the reason for the supposed growth.

Anyway the guy stopped posting after a while, and previously he’d been complaining about the cost of the HGH. Be warned though, 6iu is overdose level and I believe can lead to unpleasant water-retention side effects. Have you considered saline, silicone or amazingel injections?

I know multiple people that have taken hgh for hormone reasons and it has definitely affected the growth of their dick. Now, the hgh was taken during puberty and that may have been the reason but I am not sure. I have long thought of trying this because I have read in a few places that hgh can increase penis size up to 25%. The only thing that I am scared of is that it can be bad if you have normal levels of hgh in your body already. Also it is tough to get and very expensive. If I could get some cheap and easy, I would probably do it. I thought about have a blood test to see what my natural hgh levels are. Hormone replacement (such as steroids and hgh) is not bad if it is done correctly. All of the negative effects that are talked about are because people do not take the correct amount. Typically it is used to get your hormones to the optimal high level (that is where it is apparently most effective.) People that don’t know what they are doing take too much and this is where the bad effects come from. Anyway, I would love to take it for a couple months and do my exercises. I just need to grow some balls.

sounds like a not good idea....

Okay, from the outset hgh may look appealing, as in quick gains. But If we pause to ponder on the subject, what type of “athletes” utilise chemicals to enhance other areas of their bodies? Yep bodybuilders. Now, I would imagine that there is a few guys out there reading this who hit the gym on a regular basis. Any of us who have ever wanted to kick sand in the bullies face, wanted to do it asap, yet there are plenty of warnings about introducing substances to your system as in ” sure you will get huge, but you will die young, and with hilariously small testicles”.

I could be wrong, but I thought the whole idea of this site and others like it, was to promote an educated, and natural way of enlarging one’s penis without any hooplah or snakeskin oil. we all know that PE works. Lets get on with doing what we need to do for ourselves, and our loved ones, without resorting to possibly dangerous (anybody thought long term yet?) techniques.

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