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Combining clamping and pumping for girth

Originally Posted by fubar993
You’ll do it. You have a good routine and you have been open in trying new things. Your penis has no choice but to grow now!

I hope you’re right, bro. I hope you’re right :-) .

Originally Posted by ForMeAndMyWife

So do you wear the cock ring in the tube while you pump ??

yep, but it has to have some give…I use rubber stoppers. Cock ring would hurt to much.

I have trouble staying hard in the tube…This works for me.

I’ve used a rubber band while pumping.Last night’s session, my girth was bigger then ever.

I have successfully had a 10 minute clamping session followed by a couple of minutes in the 2” tube while still clamped and erect. THe clamp seems to reduce fluid buildup under the skin but the vacuum helps keep the inflation high.

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Sorry off-topic. You’ve got excellent definition & size on the underside of your pecs. I’m a gym rat and no matter how many incline benches I do, I can’t get that underneath the nipples. Any tips? I had to give up the dips, hurt my shoulder.

Originally Posted by PEObsessed

Sorry off-topic. You’ve got excellent definition & size on the underside of your pecs. I’m a gym rat and no matter how many incline benches I do, I can’t get that underneath the nipples. Any tips? I had to give up the dips, hurt my shoulder.

Hey Obsessed,

That’s a difficult one. I don’t do anything special for lower pecs. I do declines every blue moon. But I do at least six sets of flat bench and four sets of incline on my chest days. I go pretty heavy on one of the two days I do chest per week. You might try mixing in cable crossovers and varying the angle in order to hit the lower pecs, particularly since you can’t do dips (which I do at least once per week). I hope this helps.

You know what gangerine is? Exactly, this happens after 20 minutes of no blood supply. For safelty sake use this as your guide for everything, pumping, hanging, clamping.

The exact reason to prevent cell starvation of oxygen is the 10 minute rule. Limit yourself there and you won’t have a problem. At the 10 minute mark just relieve the pressure and you’ll pink up in very little time at which point your can start all over again. 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Some go more then that but that’s the general rule.

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I know this is an old post, but has anyone kept up with the Pumping + Clamping routine. If so, how were the gains and which order worked best?

For me, I pump and then clamp. It just works best for me because of all the expansion I get from pumping.

I think I just found the perfect mix and I have somewhat of a hypothesis behind it. When we pump, our corpus cavernosa is lengthened externally through the vacuum, but it doesn’t necessarily fill the corpus cavernosa with blood. If a clamp is used after pumping, the lengthened corpus cavernosa is then filled with the blood and sustained through a clamping set (10 min) causing lengthening and a better expanded girth. It took some trial and error but I think when I pump with a semi-erection on low pressure (under 5) for 10-12 min, I get that extra spongy feel. At that point, I just jelq, get a 100% erection and the air clamp for 10 minutes with heat. I didn’t completely figure this out until yesterday after my clamp/pump session, but since I’m trying the 1 on 1 off routine, I’ll pick it up again tomorrow to see if I’m right or not.

This is not a newbie routine !!

My pumping / clamping routine is as follows:

10 min warm wrap followed by 2-3 sets each as detailed below:

10 min 4-5 Hg in tube while kegeling with warm wrap while in tube followed by
1 min light jelqing followed by
10 min clamp (mouse-pad material and up to 3 clamps) while edging followed by
1 min light jelqing and repeat set

I use a countdown timer to ensure that my time is accurate.

I also use a modified Erocet oil for all PE and it works great.

While in clamp I am edging and doing light bends.

I finish with jelqing and edging to ensure fresh blood supply.

I then use a modified RoP (with rare earth magnets) for the rest of the day after another application of the modified Erocet oil to help with recovery and reduce the minimal clamping discoloration.

I ensure that I have water before and during the session to stay hydrated.

My indicators have all been positive.

I have never had any injuries as a result of this routine.

The pump and flaccid hang after this routine is incredible and fluid build up is minimal (I have gone out wearing jeans afterward and the approving look and smiles I receive from some of the ladies is definitely evident).

So are you guys experiencing good gains with this routine?

I tried this briefly in the past, but not enough to cement gains.

Will try it when I`m finished gaining length.

Has anyone considered, jelqing for 30 mins, clamping for 3x10, and then pumping overnight?

I know this sounds extreme, but hear me out. Jelqing will start the breakdown of tissue and prep the member for a little more extreme exercise. Then you calm to really stretch the tissue. Then you pump overnight so the tissue can repair closer to the engorged state. Throughout the routine I would keep the penis wrapped.

I have pumped overnight in the past. I remember the first time I woke up my dick filled the tube completely! I was scared, but after about 2 days it lost it’s size. But I think even if you don’t go overnight, you could still do it much longer than 10-15 minutes. I never actually seen any change after the pressure was release when I pumped for less than 30 minutes. It wasn’t until about 45 minutes that I seen inflation after the vacuum was released.

Also, do anyone pump with a condom on? That can aid in keeping the lymph fluid from surrounding the member.

I will be moving my routine to this in the next week or so. I will keep you posted as I go through the routine. I just wanted to know what you think about the routine.

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So use a cock ring when pumping??

I pump and see no results while in the tub or after ??

Any video showing how to pump right?


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