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Combining clamping and pumping for girth


Originally Posted by AverageHang
Has anyone considered, jelqing for 30 mins, clamping for 3x10, and then pumping overnight?

I know this sounds extreme, but hear me out. Jelqing will start the breakdown of tissue and prep the member for a little more extreme exercise. Then you calm to really stretch the tissue. Then you pump overnight so the tissue can repair closer to the engorged state. Throughout the routine I would keep the penis wrapped.

I have pumped overnight in the past. I remember the first time I woke up my dick filled the tube completely! I was scared, but after about 2 days it lost it’s size. But I think even if you don’t go overnight, you could still do it much longer than 10-15 minutes. I never actually seen any change after the pressure was release when I pumped for less than 30 minutes. It wasn’t until about 45 minutes that I seen inflation after the vacuum was released.

Also, do anyone pump with a condom on? That can aid in keeping the lymph fluid from surrounding the member.

I will be moving my routine to this in the next week or so. I will keep you posted as I go through the routine. I just wanted to know what you think about the routine.

Are you actually going to try this? What pressure will you use? How do you keep a seal overnight?

I cannot grasp the whole keeping the penis the size it is outside the tube the same as it was inside the tube thing.

I find it impossible to keep the blood pumped up outside the tube even if you use a clamp straight afterwards, is there something I’m missing.

Sorry for hijacking but I thought Id ask here.

I don’t understand how anyone can wear a cylinder while sleeping. :confused:

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Sorry, had to ask.

AverageHang, do you really keep your dick in the pump overnight?? That’s crazy..

Also, I remember I asked the same “is pumping and clamping a good idea” question and I was told that it was a bad idea. However, it seems that the people that answered on here say it’s worked well for them. I want to try it. However, I would like more opinions on it. So, what do you all think?

Man, go somewhere with that bullshit.

What seems to be working may very well be an illusion because in the pump all your doing is bringing fluid to the outer layers of the dermis which means that your not affecting the corpus cavernosa at all. Clamping does however expand the CC so if your creating a nice plump skin layer and then adding some CC expansion your going to think that your getting huge but in reality after all the fluids balance out your going to be back to where you were when you started. You may report some inch gains but I would challenge you for your stats 2 days after.

Sorry guys I just don’t buy long term gains from pumping. There have been guys who have joined Thunder’s and reported that they have been pumping for 3 years and have nothing to show for it but when they come here they find all kinds of techniques that work.

Don’t let your eyes fool you.

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Hello Monty;

I am pretty sure most of my girth gains came from pumping. Basically I added it to my routine after about three months of newbie jelqing, and that is when I started gaining girth. Then I had to stop pumping after another three months, but I kept the girth I gained.

When I pumped I kept the pressure pretty low, I don’t get that much fluid build-up. I don’t pump for extended periods of time. I remember reading a post by gprent where he said he wasted years pumping at higher pressures, and that his results came to him once he starting going at lower pressures like 3Hg, for 30 mins.

Anyway, for what it is worth.

Haha. Cool. Only thing is, people are gonna think I was talking to AverageHang or someone else who posted before me!! Sorry guys, I think the person I was talking to got deleted or something.

I guess, as in all PE methods, I’ll have to try it for myself and see if it works. I pumped for a while, but it broke. Then I started clamping and saw my dick grow fast as hell. Does the plumping of the skin outside the CC push down on it making the clamp session not as effective?? I could understand if it did.

I believe I got most of my gains from clamping and pumping. Maybe even more so from pumping. I haven’t pumped consistently for a while and still have all of my girth. I wouldn’t overlook these techniques.

Just my .02

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Where can I buy one of these clamp rings?

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Originally Posted by PerrinG

Where can I buy one of these clamp rings?

Any hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot.

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I’ve been thinking of buying a pump.I’m just not too sure about it.I’d like to know any success stories from guys who’ve combined both.could be inspiring.

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Small Daddy Here Brianrex I Use A Hair Dryer Pointed At Tube When Pumping Works Real Good


Haven’t tried it. I’m still waiting for someone to explain the benefits.

[/I use a simple cock ring (about an 1.5”x.25) around the base of the shaft when I pump. It seems to hold the blood in better. I fill a tube 8” x 2” tube all the way up easy without getting a doughnut.

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