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I ve a question for the clampers: Are people who gains by clamping a significative girth and stop clamping a long time (2, 3 months)? How about their looses? I made very fast gains clamping, but i think that there are false gains, in 2 o 3 days, i feel a reduction in girth. I´m a new clamper, only 15 days (after 4 months jelquing), but i feel that the clamp´s gains are less solid than the slow jelq gains.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

I clamped for 10 days and lost nothing.


In terms of PE time, 15 days is not a long time to cement gains; patience is key. If you respond better to slow jelq, you should stick with this concept; everyone is different - do what’s best for you predicated on your own response. There is nothing wrong with experimenting.


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