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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Originally Posted in a PM by manage123452000

I have been using the Futuro wrist support for some time as a wrap. I saw in a post here a while back that you do also. I couldn’t find the thread, so I am sending this via PM. I went to get another one yesterday, and saw the Futuro Elbow support right next to it so I checked it out. Basically Two Wraps for about one buck more than the price of one (with the help of a pair of scissors) , and also comes with a little wider velcro closure. You are on here alot more than me, so feel free to post this if you remember where the thread is.


You probably saw it here:
CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

I’ll tack this PM onto the thread for the others. I do think this is the better wrap of all the ones I’ve used for clamping. The only problem with the wider Velcro fastener is discomfort when the TEETH of the Velcro come in contact with the skin. I usually trim that rough part down a little narrower than the wrap itself to avoid this. Also, you might want to check out Monty’s AirClamp. Works pretty good without wrap. People probably think I push certain products, but the truth is I use them all.

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BG, do you think the wrist wrap is best for keeping engorgement all day long? Or would something like an adjustable cock ring/jelly ring work better (or equally as good)? Thanks!

Originally Posted by Noodles_
I ordered some clamps off eBay the other day. I’m in the UK and don’t fancy paying the shipping rates for the official cable clamps.

I bought those ones off eBay but found out a few guys at MoS have them and they’re no good. They said the clamp didn’t stay shut and kept coming undone.

Http://…Qc mdZViewItem

Those are the clamps I’m talking about. Has anyone here tried those clamps too?

I’ve used those clamps, and they’re awful. They’re made of a clearly weaker, more brittle and gragile plastic than the proper US cable clamps, and wouldn’t stay clicked to where I wanted them - they couldn’t take the pressure and would come apart.

I ordered from the US. Took less than a week to get to me, and I have yet to have any problems with any of them. Not one has come undone or snapped. They’re awesome.

If you’re in the UK and want a cableclamp try here…x?productId=908 You get 3 small and 1 medium, the smalls are pretty much only useful for clamping a finger but the medium with some mouse mat neoprene as a wrap is great. They have the rgistered mark and have set in the plastic so pretty sure they’re official.

Excellent post!!! I only have to find the clamps here in Argentina. :(

I bought some of the fake CableClamps here in Australia, that came in the 3 small and 1 medium pack. They are useless, a kegel will spring it open, some the teeth don’t engage at all.

The genuine medium ones have a small slot in the arm close to the hinge and have CableClamp printed on the plastic face, and moulded into the plastic near the rachet pawl/release, as well as having CABLECLAMP.COM and patent number moulded into the web of the arms.

Hi Clampers,

Just to let people outside us to know, i got one pack from the website and it arrived here in Brazil with no problems :)

And after the first try i can tell i will be a clamping addict in some time! i included some clamping on my routine but just
a few. The plans are to leave the heavy clamping for later when the actual routine stops working.

Very very nice the way the unit looks and feel after using those magic blue things!


Sorry for my english, I´m from Brazil

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One more question:

When you say 10 minutes per set, do you also count the minutes when you’re kegeling in blood and clicking it further down the clamp? Or do you start the 10 minutes after you’ve been totally settled and don’t touch the clamp anymore?

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I count my set once the clamp is in place..:)

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

How long should I be on the newbie routine before I start clamping? I still want to make erect length gains as well, because I heard clamping can hurt your erect length gains.

I bought the Futuro sport wrist wrap and I seems….large. I’m about 7 bp and this seems to big and cumbersome to maintain engorgement. Wouldnt an adjustable, comfortable cock ring maintain engorgement easier and with less hassle?

Bumping this thread.

I plan to start clamping tomorrow. I’ve never clamped before, so clamping is all new to me.

Would a Clamping/Jelqing routine be the best way to go about things? Girtha suggests sticking to no more than 10 minutes. But for me, I think maybe 3 x 5 minute sets will be sufficent for now. I have been doing my routine Mon-Fri for the last few weeks with weekends off. Would you recommend clamping everyday, or, carrying on as I have been doing - 5 on 2 off?

For now, until I get into the swing of things I was thinking of starting with something like this - 3 x 5 minutes sets of clamping with 2 minutes jelqing in between sets. How does this sound for an experienced PE’er new to clamping?

Thanks guys!

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Noodles_, i’m not pro in clamping but i think it sounds good. Maybe add 1 minute every week? First 3 x 5, then 3 x 6, 3 x 7 and so on. 5 on 2 off is good too.

Sounds like a good plan noodles. One thing I’ve learned after hanging for many months, manual stretching, ADS, and jelqing and then going into clamping is I still needed to condition myself for clamping. So rest was still needed for me (and probaly still is) for me with clamping.

I had actually completely lost a lot of my sex drive and erection strength from heavy double clamping as a newbie clamper for a while (about a week) with cable cuffs/clamps and was starting to get pretty worried (scary feeling not being able to get a strong hard erection easily) but then after taking a 5-7 day break without any PE my dick healed and came back stronger then ever with a little extra girth it seems.

So I guess the moral of the story is one needs to take it easy in the beginning of any new form of PE with as much rest is as needed. Then they not only build up gains but they build up penile strength in there tissues which allows the PE’er to try more intensity in there routiens and get quicker and quicker gains with less and less rest… This theory I have applys to all forms of PE IMO. It is a general idea. If I were to continue clamping and clamping while I couldn’t get full strength erections like a complete idiot then I believe I could have possibly truly destroyed my dick and any chances of gains or erections in the future. So yeah rest is needed, but you need to know how conditioned your dick is to know how much rest is needed…

I wish you the best Noodles. Be smart and don’t give up. Let’s all travel to Big Dick Island here on Thunder’s Place! ;)

Thats some great advice LoveMachine. I’ll take it into count when I start clamping.


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