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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

I’ve tried both. A medium clamp fully clamped give the hardest clamp. I can then push the clamp down the shaft and then kegel. After I release from pushing down the pressure is immense.

Lately I have been going to only 3-4 clicks and getting similar pressure but better girth through out the clamp. So for me the tighter the clamp the more length I get at the expense of girth. So the penis bends up further, lengthens, and the girth drops.

Any more than 10min seems to get more fluid than expansion and the same seems to be true for more than 3 x 10min sessions. I did 7 x 10min sessions and all I got was more lymph fluid.

I recommend starting with 1 click and only advancing as far as you find necessary. If 1 click and a kegel produces more than 100% expansion and vascularity and it doesn’t disappear when the kegel is released, you are sufficiently clamped.

I strongly believe that simply holding expansion is only a fraction of the growth stimulus that dynamic expansion produces - just like with jelqs, it’s the edging and gentle bends and squeezes that help loosen the fibers for growth. Of course by definition this is all quite advanced, but if you listen to your dick (and it isn’t desensitized), 1 click on the clamp plus light surface jelqing is still probably much safer than clamping alone if it’s all the way to constriction (the point where you can no longer kegel in blood).

I’ll give it a try!

At 1 click I got no expansion. I needed three to four clicks. Interestingly I got a larger girth increase at 4 clicks than with the clamp fully closed.

It appears that the tighter the clamp, the higher the pressure in the penis, translates to extra length of the spongy tubes, forgot their names, that make up the penis. Since the length is held mainly by the ligament along the top means my penis bends up more under higher pressure.

So lately I start at 4 clicks for 10 min. Second set I go up a click or two and so on.

After ready about the guy who had to have his penis amputated I wanted to know if I say fell asleep would the penis deflate under a full clamp and hence restore blood flow. It was slowly going down after a 10 min clamp but it got to 16 min and I took it off as I really don’t like going over 10 min. I’ll do it again but stop stimulation once it is fully clamped.

If you fell asleep clamped you could easily lose your dick. Nocturnal erections are a vital function, and with a clamp in place you would screwed.

Originally Posted by Shaunbaby
After ready about the guy who had to have his penis amputated I wanted to know if I say fell asleep would the penis deflate under a full clamp and hence restore blood flow.

He tourniquet’d his penis as tight as he can get, preventing the blood out and the inflow for a long time … just to light things up, what he have done is not clamping and should not be reproduced, at any circumstances. The only possible outcome from tourniqueting your penis is amputation.

Don’t sleep with anything stuck or attached to your penis, not recommended with lots of risks.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.9” x 5.1” (5.3" BEG)

My pictures

I once slept with a chick on top of me and attached to my dick. And it was fine!


Is it bad to ejaculate while clamped?

Originally Posted by Mchee
Is it bad to ejaculate while clamped?

Generally yes but depends on how tight the clamp is.
Too tight and it’s painful through to impossible.

Clamping length gains

I noticed during a recent clamping session that I measured nearly 8” in length . Can I assume that this is my potential

Gains ?That is almost 3/4” , would be nice . Working hard and seen little or no length gains since January .

I started PE , mostly jelqing in 2014 , and had some substantial gains in length and girth , I never measured

In the beginning . Sorry for that now . Regardless ,I am confident that I gained at least an inch in length and girth since

Beginning PE . Not bad for a 60 + year old guy who was fighting medicine induced Erectile Dysfunction ! Still need a little

Boost now and then , but things are much better . I am a big hit at the local rub n tug . The girls are always making positive

Comments about my size .

Just started Clamping , curious to see where that takes me .

Will clamping increase overall girth?

Worried about hourglassing. Already have a thinner base then shaft and worried that it’ll just amplify that

How do you put on the clamp properly?

I read a lot that pressure shouldn’t come from the top and bottom of the penis so i assume you should tighten the clamp from the sides of the penis. But on pictures i often see people clamping the top and bottom…

Also i would like to add several clamps but i don’t know if it maks sense or where to put them. Now i put them all at the base of my cock (4 of them).

Effective clamping has built up my base more than anything. It’s actually doing the most work right around the clamp since your unit is straining so hard right there and deformed. It actually works a little like jelqs do along the whole shaft. That’s why guys are doing several clamps even. I just wish it were easier to affect the very end right below the glans… it’s hard to put a clamp on the part that tapers down.


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