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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
But wouldn’t that apply also to longitudinal stretch? This would mean using an extender for 2 times 10 minutes makes more sense then hours continuously, which worked for many.

Not necessarily. The research was done on lab produced molecules if my interpretation is correct, which could mean different behavior from human tissue, yes, but remember that a ligament is far less elastic than the tunica, which can inflate to several times it’s relaxed size during an erection. The collagen and elastin makeup of connective tissue would be much different. It’s also quite possible that hanging or stretching is subject to the same phenomenon, but on a completely different time scale. What if the optimal stretch time is multiple hours per day? Naturally no one would have crossed that threshold in their routine since stretching is severely limited by other factors, such as de-oxygenation and so on.

Originally Posted by Walter5169
I’ll repeat what I said earlier, we ‘re not only working on collagen, nor are we solely working on the tunica.

You’re absolutely right, but I think we can agree that the tunica is most likely the limiting factor. As far as girth is concerned, everything else involved in an erection is even more elastic, skin, blood vessels, fascia.. They may be stretched taught when clamped, but nothing is resisting the expansion more than the tunica.

What I mean is if you did PE only considering the tunica, you may very well injure yourself , experience negative PIs and thus not gain at all (since there is some workload on veins, smooth muscles, arteries, glans etc..)

For sure - the upper limit depends on the weakest link. If you’re getting red spots daily, you should probably dial it back. If you’re feeling coldness, dial it back. If you notice pain more than a faint ache anywhere, dial it back.

This is probably the biggest reason jelqing and stretching and heat are so important in conjunction with the clamp. We want the rest of the unit conditioned and limbered up so the “structure” can get a decent workout every time without damage to any of the other “components”.

Great clarification jhtownsend. Makes sense!

Another factor that should be considered is:
With one Tunica exercise it doesnt neccesarily mean all molecules in the tunica are impacted the same intensity and thus not all molecules are pushed into the refractory period.
Take for example clamping which makes it impact through expanding smooth muscles(CC ‘s, veins etc.) and poushing the limit of the tunica. And through an eliptic stretch where the Clamp stretches the tissue.

What I want to say is that in terms of maximizing time to gain it could also be possible that more then every 6 hours is usefull.
And rest periods in general which I assume are in some way impacted by this refractory period in the long run too.

This could apply in a way like this:
clamp at the base and squezze or clamp 0.2 inches up from the base clamp.
2 horus later or/and next day: clamp at the base and squezze or clamp 0.6 inches up from the base clamp. Which would max impact a different part fo the tunica.

That’s why some came up with “cable clamp cock coffin”. In my opinion it is far too injury prone, and the vast majority doesn’t need such intensity to gain / can’t withstand it.

“We want the rest of the unit conditioned and limbered up so the “structure” can get a decent workout every time without damage to any of the other “components”

This sounds like monitoring your PIs (especially useful when it comes to girth work).


If it were possible to challenge every molecule in the tunica equally, the regimen might be something like 5 minutes of training for a day of recovery, but it could only be possible with an insane amount of internal pressure and would probably cause all kinds of injuries in other components. In fact, geometrically, only a perfect sphere could be put under perfectly uniform strain by pressurizing the contents, so we already have a physical limitation in the shape of the unit (anyone who better understands the elliptical model of tension is welcome to comment).

In practical terms, while edging to 110% and holding steady might feel great, the practice of loose clamping to 80% and applying well distributed bends, stretches, 440s (or what have you) along the shaft is probably actually safer in that the tunica can be challenged by fulcrum (ellipse) without maintaining so much tension across all elements of the penis. Another thing I am more comfortable with is the ability to kegel repeatedly which not only helps avoid de-oxygenation but provides internal heating.. Not to mention having kegels as part of your main regimen makes them strong!

I’m new to clamping, just started two days ago. Is the chafing at the base normal? It’s not like rash just feels sensitive. Also I’m getting huge temporary length gains which was unexpected.

Starting Stats: BPEL 8.2 Inches MSEG 5.1 Inches 08/25/2014

Current Stats: BPEL 9.625 Inches MSEG 6.563 Inches 02/16/2017

It works so do the work.

Originally Posted by Thickambitions
I’m new to clamping, just started two days ago. Is the chafing at the base normal? It’s not like rash just feels sensitive. Also I’m getting huge temporary length gains which was unexpected.

Whenever I start back clamping it always hurts/burns/feels sore a couple to three times for about a week until that area toughens up a little. Make sure to get the padding right so that you have less sharp pressure that could result in an injury.

Awesome to hear about your temporary gains. See if you can carefully keep pushing those a little higher until you see some of it stick. I also have seen that jelqing 3-4 hours after a session helps to maintain the size for me.

Originally Posted by jhtownsend
As the tunica albuginea is 95% collagen, and our primary goal here is to maximize increase of this membrane over time, I think some simple science might be helpful. I found one study which seems to fit the bill but interestingly it happens to reflect what we are doing eerily well!

“Following a single 10-min bout of cyclic stretch, the cells remained refractory to a second stretch for up to 6 h. Using the phosphorylation of ERK1/2 as a guide, the optimum stretch paradigm was hypothesized to be 10 min of stretch at 2.5% of resting length repeated every 6 h. Consistent with this hypothesis, 7 days of stretch using this optimized intermittent stretch program increased the collagen content of the grafts more than a continuous stretch program.”

This would indicate a regimen of 10 minutes in the clamp every 6 hours and a stretch of 2.5% is probably not that hard to achieve with medium intensity clamping. Sounds like we are on the right track. We all know rest is vital for recovery, but I find it interesting that according to this kind of study we may not benefit from more than 4 sets a day. Of course it’s very different biologically, but if you think of intense physical training, like weight lifting or running, most people don’t need or benefit from more than 45 minutes a day, which is the same ratio of tension to rest.

Just food for thought. (I’m honestly just half way through the thread so I apologize if I’m “late to the party”, but I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts to share by the time I get to this page)

I did this for a while, thinking maybe I’d respond better to lower-intensity workouts, and it provided the only gains I’ve ever had. Thinking about going back to it. Routine was 10 mins morning, after work, and before bed. I used the max comfortable clamp tightness during 4x30 second erect bends, then for the remainder of the 10 minutes used the least-restrictive clamp tightness possible to maintain engorged erection. I did 3-on-1-off-2-on-1-off; I think next time I’ll go for every other day.

E: And this was with clamping wrong, with the clamp’s hinge pointing sideways (parallel to the floor) rather than downward.

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Good to hear! Unfortunately my lymph node incident occurred after only a few days of clamping so I’m on hiatus for another month (to be well on the safe side), but I notice small changes in my unit that remain after over a week. With patience and consistency I expect great things.

So what did you do?

You should start a log it sounds interesting enough to write down the details on a daily basis.

I have read the entire thread and don’t think this was properly emphasized - heat is night and day for clamping. The first week I got the red speckles after every set but after figuring out how to hold the heat pad while manipulating the clamp and edging (quite difficult at first) I immediately saw no spots. The pad works so much better than the rice sock, and my member stays soft and flexible even when aroused and ballooned. This is the difference people notice about being ballooned bigger than “rock hard” while clamping.. The difference is heat, and not only helps with healing and preventing injuries, it helps you expand with much less risk of damage.

Yep I use an Ir lamp during squeezing exercises,and as you said it feels much much better. If I could I would lightly clamp and edge (at least 20 mn) at the same time under the IR lamp. I did it once and experienced crazy expansion.

Does anyone as well clamp with multiple clamps? I clamp with 3 clamps at the base right now. I have a thicker base then the rest of my penis so i figure this makes sense.

Originally Posted by dangerdanger
Does anyone as well clamp with multiple clamps? I clamp with 3 clamps at the base right now. I have a thicker base then the rest of my penis so i figure this makes sense.

I use two for the purpouse of better fit to push them to the pubic bone. Of course it can also create more pressure if one wants,

Why does it make sense to use more clamps with a thicker base? What do you achieve by that?
Or did you get the thicker base through the clamps?


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