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I’ve been clamping for 7-8 months now and I’ve noticed from my scar line all the way around my glans become very bloated after the work out, I’ve never noticed it before, but I think that probably because I left my penis alone after. But since I’ve noticed it I’m a bit concerned about it, I use heat the entire clamp session I do 4 days three off. 3 sets of 10 minutes. I also do light jelqing in between as with as a light massage through my whole shaft to my glans. Does anyone have any idea what the bloating night be? I have uploaded an image of what I’m talking about. If anyone could help I’d be grateful.

Fluid build up. You can try shortening the sessions to 7 minutes to lessen that but I have not found any real downside to fluid build up as it goes away pretty quickly. Actually that’s not true, if you need to pee after a clamping exercise and you have fluid build up you will need to sit down otherwise it will go everywhere.

My name is sarcastic.