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Clamping BEHIND the balls..

Clamping BEHIND the balls..

I read all about clamping, and I started clamping with the cable clamp about
two weeks ago.

Instead of clamping on the shaft, is there any reason why it would be a bad
idea to clamp behind the balls? Y’know, like a bone-pressed clamping?

Figured I’d ask before trying it. I’d hate to try it and see my nuts explode or something..


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Yipe. I wouldn’t try that. The clamping mechanism might slip and fall… It may literally rip your balls off. No matter how secure it might have seemed, bad stuff happens.

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There was some discussion of this in the past. I couldn’t find the exact thread, but I think it boils down to this:

If you’re doing some clamping and edging, which is for a short duration of time, then I think you would want to clamp just the penis for maximum results.

Now if you were going to wear your clamp in the same fashion as an all or part of the day cock ring, then the consensus was to definitely wear it around both the cock and balls. Of course when you do this you don’t want to clamp as tight as you would if you were edging.
I do something like this occasionally with great results. I also have a piece of thin foam like material and some velcro I use for the same purpose. Once in awhile the skin of the perineum (the taint area) directly behind the balls gets a little sore but the soreness goes away very quickly. That’s been the only negative thing I’ve experienced.

Actually it’s it’s probably one of the few consistent things I do as far as a “routine”. I’ll pump or jelq for about an hour and then “strap up” (cock and balls) to prevent post PE turtling for another hour or so. This has been giving me some great results lately. You can go about your business while strapped up / clamped also. The only down side to that is the frequent desire to grab your crotch and give it a quick “chub up” every so often. That can lead to some embarrassment if you’re out in public. Also gives you a good bulge factor as well, I’ve caught more than one MILF checking it out while I’m picking the kids up from school.


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