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Clamping - behind the balls or on the shaft


Clamping - behind the balls or on the shaft

Just curious, but in terms of efficiency and girth gain, is behind the balls for clamping better then on the base of the shaft?

Just wondering,



I’ve tried both and neither worked for me as far as gaining any size goes. But around my balls seemed to clamp it off better for me…Good luck..Hope it works for you..!

Hey bob, looks like you might want to get a new keyboard. That period key looks to be sticking.

John, I don’t think it matters a great deal. I have clamped both ways and it doesn’t seem to me that it makes much of a difference. Although, just clamping the shaft is more comfortable for me. Even if I only clamp the shaft I can usually get pretty a pretty low clamp.


Thanks for the advice on my keyboard roomtogrow…………..what would we do without such great advice and wisdom…………………………………….. ………………………………………….. ………………………………..

Just playin fellas..I thought he was kidding w/ me about having 2 periods as clearly it isn’t something worth being serious about.

The “w/ me” part isn’t cool either bob. Guys that are just learning English or using a translator for the website have a hard enough time without us throwing more oddball stuff at them.

I am pretty sure that RTG was playing around also. I know that the …..thing is a hard habit to break (go check some of my very first posts on the forum, I was real bad at …..) but you will get called out on it, if it gets out of hand.

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We must have too much free time to be talking abt periods. : - ) I work in the collections field and typing 2 periods and using abbreviations is common. I’ll work on that!

So, about my balls fellas :) just kidding

You mean, “abt my balls”, right John? :)

I’ve been clamping for about 2 months now, after a year of wet and dry jelqing, as well as manual clamping using my hands only. I really do like the clamp completely wrapped though. It gives a great tight pump for me and stays in place nicely. Using the cable clamp is nice because your hands are free and don’t get nearly as tired! Hopefully I’ll actually see some permanent gains as well.

Too Funny!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey bob, loan john a period will you? Thanks!

Too Funny!!

Can I use 2 of these ! ?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

OH, I don’t know, I could make RTG a mod and let him ban you? How’s that sound bob?

Don’t you even joke about that, Thunder. That’s not nice. I had some free beer, that will suffice. :leftie:


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