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Clamping 101 - The clamping guide

What size clamp should I get? My girth is about 5.5 at base….thanks!

My goodness Remek, your body is ridiculous.

Some people say you can’t clamp while doing length exercises because it will hinder your length growth. Then some say you can and that it doesn’t matter anyway.. Aw screw it Im clamping tonight.

What does anyone think about clamping with cotton cloth or another soft rope?

One more question, when I clamp I get great engorgement, but after I take off the clamp much of the blood leaves my dick. I don’t seem to get the post-clamping long term engorgement. Whats going on anyone ever have this? Am I working too hard or too little?

It’s not unusual for most of the blood engorgment to drain away after removing the clamp, this is good as it needs to recirculate and get reoxygenate. The key is what you do when the clamp is on - such as edging to porn and kegeling..

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

In the past I tried Clamping, but I think that gains from it are not permanent.


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Originally Posted by Gugliermo
In the past I tried Clamping, but I think that gains from it are not permanent.

Why do you say that, Gugliermo?

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Thank you, remek. Very interesting_but clamping still scares the hell out of me…

Ordered my clamp today, I was able to snag a medium cable clamp brand for only $1.49 amazing.

Will not even consider using it until about 6-7 months into my PE journey. 1 down so far. Not even tempted to try it on, I am going for the all around package not just girth.


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Is is OK to masturbate and ejaculate while clamping?

Not a great idea to ejaculate, as the pressure is extremely intense and potentially dangerous - you don’t want your dick to explode now do you…:morose:

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Originally Posted by remek
Thanks Red. You have probably been in the clamping business longer than any of us, so I don’t take your recommendations lightly.

I have come to believe that there are two technologically-assisted ways to enlarge your penis:

1) Hanging
2) Clamping

Hanging is for length, while clamping is for girth. As you said before, clamping is intense, and so is hanging. No exercise that requires more than your hand should be taken for granted.

If you need any help with your guide, let me know.

I almost exclusively hang and clamp these days. I still pump when I can because, well, it just feels nice to pump :-) And the short-term effects are great. To answer an earlier question, I believe that pumping isn’t as effective as clamping mostly because its direct impact is on the skin and lymphatic fluid. Stressing the tunica is secondary and is limited and buffered by the outside ‘padding’, as it were. I find clamping much more intense. For me, pumping is now more akin to a warm-up, and I mix it in with clamping when I do it. I’m thinking that the clamping does the real work and the subsequent pumping helps keep everything stretched without as much potentail for damage (at low pressures, of course).

Is it normal for the penis to go totally flaccid while clamped? Or am I not tight enough?


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