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Clamping 101 - The clamping guide

Thanks for the help drilla, that really helped me alot with the search.

Are these clamps outdated,pictured in the link on the first post of this thread? I visited many hardware stores in my area(so-cal), showed them pictures of the clamp, and they had none. I even visited Staples to see if they carried any cable clamps, and they had none similar to use for this purpose. Before I go online and order from the site given, are these clamps even still available?

Try Home Depot, I saw them there the other day.

I got mines at wal-mart in the aile where the power circuits and hardware are at

Just wanted to add cable clamps can sometimes be found in walmart 6 isles away in the power cord area from hardware, took me 4 trips to find, once I did finally find them the package was gleaming with the holy aura and light around it, I could hear the voice of God descend “now take these holy cock clamps and go build a mighty penis in the name of the lord!”.I seriously doubt anyone uses these for cables, they fit so well on the penis my dick practically jumped into the hoop the first time I tried it and latched itself in, very comfortable I get a lot more engorgement than from jelqing already but this is definitely not a noob tool.

I found mine at Home Depot. However, they only have 3 sizes there. One is definitely too big, the other definitely too small, and the middle one is just right. But after the first couple of initial clamps, my dick doesn’t seem to hold the blood as well anymore. It feels like I may need the next size “down” for some reason. I don’t see how my dick could be getting smaller? But when I clamp it down to the last notch, it doesn’t feel as tight. I even went back and bought some more of those sizes to see if there was a defect in the one I was using. Someone told me on another thread to try more wrapping. I will attempt that.

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Thanks Remek bought my clamp to day great to have a concise guide on how to do it and the pictures really help.

Glad it could help!

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Very nice article. Thank you.


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I found that their is fabric cable ties that work great you can use them for cock rings too

How easy are they to remove though? Most cable ties I know fasten easily but are a bitch to remove and I wouldn’t want scissors around my dick when it’s at full expansion..:eek:

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