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Clamp with thicker sock

Clamp with thicker sock

I thought I read somewhere that when clamping, it’s better to use a sock or something that can be somewhat thick in terms of padding, because it will create more of a condensed “pressure” versus just pinching.

I have used the self adhering stretching stuff (used on sprains, etc.) but I kept it somewhat think allow more of the plastic itself to clamp around the shaft.

However, now I am wondering if I should thicken it up down there and add more padding, then re-clamp, maybe causing MORE pressure with less “pinching” from the clamps, but same results?




I prefer to clamp using an ACE velcro elbow wrap as the surrounding cushion/barrier between the skin on the base of my dick and the clamp. Very comfortable and no pinching and allows for very tight clamping.


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I used a wristband and it was comfortable

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