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Band clamp? sorry...

Band clamp? sorry...


Sorry for this question, but what is a band clamp?

Is it one of those clamps which is like a long strap that you can tighten?

I’m just curious because I’m making a BIB hanger and the band clamp that I saw doesn’t look at all like the clamp on the actual BIB hanger. The one I saw is just a long strap that tightens.


It’s a hose clamp, used for many things - like securing automobile radiator hoses. They’re made of metal with slots a screw turns along to tighten.

Every hardware store should have them. Auto parts stores too. Just ask for a hose clamp. Make sure it adjusts enough. Some have the cut-outs all the way down the band. Others only go part way.

While your shopping, you might consider getting a nut driver the correct size for the screw if you don’t already have a socket set. A nut driver is basically a screwdriver with a socket at the end. Much safer than using a screwdriver blade near your dick.

Ah, a hose clamp, guess that’s different than a band clamp.

Thanks hobby!


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