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Circle Device


Circle Device

Ok guys, I’m new here etc. Has anybody tried the “Circle Device”, and if so, had any success?

What seems to work the best?

hi billybob2

what is the circle device. is it the little weight u put on

Please tell more about it. I’ve never heard of it.

Alternative of sorts on my site http://penis-enlargement-manual.thu…ght_weights.htm

I’ve tried about a dozen ways to make a light (8-16 ounce) weight for all-day wear, but in the end I don’t believe it’s worth the hassle or will give the results heavy weights and jelq do.

I have NEVER heard of anyone getting results with this concept, and I have put the question out there a few times. I’d love to know if someone has!

275.00 to 350.00 dollars for a piece of pewter with a bolt through it and a couple of rubber bands? Seems it can be custom fit also, but you have to provide the file and the labor. I’m sure the Home Depot crew here could knock something off for about 1/10th that amount.

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I too am intrigued by the prospects of all day light weight. I’ve asked several times about members who might have tried using something similar, but alas, there have been no responses.


I’d like to have an all-day too, 1-2 lbs, just to keep my penis extended and the micro-tears open.
The only alternative I’ve found is a sleeve of some sort.


I forgot all about this. homemade circle device

How much did this thing weigh? What exactly is it made of?


6.2 oz.

made from pvc pipe connector cut to 1” sanded to make smooth and the same copper plated pipe hangers I used for the stretcher 2 sets I guess if you made the pvc longer and add more sets of hangers you may get enough weight so to get a full extension out of it

Happy Stretching

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Thunder! isn’t there another dick stretcher tied to a thigh for like $15.00 somewhere on the net. i think you mentioned it. Anyhow this would be a good toll after any and all PE work during the rest I guess?

I think Tom did. He has instructions on his site to make a stretcher of sorts. lil found one that I had never come across. I think the link is in the Review Forum. He was asking if anyone had experience with the particular stretcher shown on the link. Tom’s would probably be the cheapest, but I don’t know if it will actually help or not. Check it out and see what you think.

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its called the strap at

the point of the circle device is to allow for an erection. this is acheived byby haveing an open end held shut by strong rubber bands witch allows for exspansion. i dont think handymans device has that , i could be wrong!


You’re leaning in the direction of my favorite material, latex tubing :warp:

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