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Changing my stats AGAIN!!!


Changing my stats AGAIN!!!

Yep! I have been jelqing twice a day. 10-15 minutes each session with some ULIs and Horse440s thrown in. Edging/Ballooning 3-4 times a week for 45-60 minutes. I just changed my states to 7 1/8” Length! Man, I am happy. Now please understand that this is after a good edging session. So just a regular boner is probably a little less than this. This, however is when I like to measure. I also like to stand the vibrator up next to it and then measure the vibrator. I cannot get a good measurement any other way. By the time I take the ruler and shove it in the fat pad, (that hurts like a bastard, by the way) and then get the measurement, the boner has subsided. Hey I’m 48 now and it does not stay “so hard a cat can’t scratch it” as good as it did when I was 20. As soon as the fucking or sucking or stroking stops, it slowly starts to gow down. Anyway, after/during edging, it is it’s biggest then and that is when I prefer to measure. That is what works to keep me motivated. I also believe, however, this is how big it is when I am most excited when making love to Mrs V. Speaking of Mrs V, she has been saying EVERY time we get “NEKID” how big my dick is. “What a big dig you’ve got”. Something like that. She has been saying it every time lately! I did know that it had grown just because I now have plenty of dick to do a 5 second jelq. Three months ago I could only do a 3 second jelq. I just did not have enough cock to make it a longer stroke. I have noticed lately that there seems to be a much longer space between my circum. scar and the head.

Keep it up guys! This PE stuff works and I am very happy with my results thus far!

Cheers to you all. Do good things.

Your friend,


Is the vibrator near your anus, only way to edge?

I love you VVC but do you realy need to make one of these every other day?

We get it, your dick is becoming a genuine monster! Congrats!

Yeah, I lay that baby right up next to the hole. It feels awesome when I do a kegel. BTW, I just went in and measured the vibrator again to make sure I measured right. Yep! Right on the $$$

Thanks Dreamaloud. Sorry I am so bubbly about it but this is cool stuff. This can be life changing stuff for some folks. Not really life changing for me but it definately is making for more fun.

I luv to hear about others gaining and I luv to bragg about myself gaining!


Originally Posted by dreamaloud1
I love you VVC but do you realy need to make one of these every other day?

We get it, your dick is becoming a genuine monster! Congrats!

Hey, It’s been 2 weeks since my last gaining post. Heh heh

I wish I could write one EVERY two weeks…….


True, but you still have a thread about your gains still on the first page, so why not just post it in there?


I saw your pics in an earlier thread. Nice dick. Keep up the good work

Edging is getting hard and repeatedly getting close to ejaculation and then restraining from actually getting off right? What technique do you use to do this-squeezing the pc muscle?

Do you think it helps with length gains?


The next time you are doing it with your s/o and you are almost to the point of no return, just think of Whoopie Goldberg. Or Barbra Bush. Or better yet, Whoppie doing Barbra. That’s edging.

Nice gains, Vince

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

hey vvc..does your wifey know that your PEing?

i think you might be on to something when you said in your previous post that your cock is always in a “state of buldge” from your routine. i usually go to the gym and workout and i was always told to workout and take the next day off or so to rest cause that is when your muscle would grow. that is what i did in my routine, i would workout hard on my PE and the next day i would see a nice flaccid hang. then i would take a day off and then it would go away and im back to square one. since you do 2 small routine a day and your are consistent it does make sense that more blood is filling your shaft and penis area. i guess i will have to redevlop my routine with 2 small session.

thanks vvc for the idea.

Yes Tiger, that is what edging is. I keep from ejaculating by doing a reverse kegel. Just act like you are grunting out a big fart. That is the only way I have of explaining it.

Thanks for your replies guys. Good luck Rock


I’ll tell you this……..after edging for over an hour, it makes me piss like a racehorse! I have been pissing all afternoon. That’s is the way it usually is. I wonder why???


Great going, Vinny. Enthusiasm and imagination is all a guy needs to do this, you demonstrate both, keep a rolling.

ROCK, no she does not. And that is what is amazing to me that she brings up my big dick every time. That is one reason, also that I have not told her. I want her true reaction. Not one conjured up by either her subconscious or her concern for my feelings.

Mr.Nine, Thanks man. Thanks a lot!


Congrats VVC. So do you edge with a cockring on or what? I can’t really seem to get any expansion by just edging alone? I have been splitting up my routine into two and sometimes 3 pieces lately and I like it so far. My dick stays fat pretty much all day.

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