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My starting Stats - Here we go!

My starting Stats - Here we go!

Hey guys and gals. I’ve posted my hello and done some other posting as well. I figure it is now time to begin. I’ve done a whole mess of reading but gains only ciome with action. I figured I’d post my stats and beginning routine. Like I said in my hello post, I am 31, and athletically active. The reason for me PEing is making my sex life with my wife more fullfilling for both of us. She is the love of my life and she deserves the best I can give her.

My stats are:

BPFL - 5
FG - 4.125
BPEL - 6.25
EG - 5.125

My short term goals are (we’ll just do erect stats cause I couldn’t care less about flacid really…lol)

BPEL - 7.5
EG - 5.75

My long term goals are (any one care to take a guess?)

BPEL - 8
EG - 6

Oh my, what a surprise, how original, 8x6!

My routine will be the newbie routine at 3 on and 1 off, building up to 20 minutes of stretching and 20 minutes of jelqing at a 6 on and 1 off over a period of a month or two(as my guy permits). From there I’ll try switching it up a bit, adding some more advanced techniques. My main goal is the girth though. My wife is small, so she can’t take too much longer than I have now. 8 may be pushing it, but we’ll see. If it starts too get too long for her, I will just focus on girth. This is all about giving her the best possible experience.

Here’s to good gains. I know I won’t be able to do it without your help (well knowledge help, not physical help, cause that would just be sick and I am sure my wife would not appreciate it.)


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Thanks tps,

Yn will be fine, or ynar. Thats what most people do. I know it’s a long name. Maybe that’s some sort of subliminal hint.


That’s a fine routine you have there, yna. Good luck to you, and update us with your progress.

Yeah sounds like a plan.. Although from my own newbie experiences do the rotating manual stretches with _extreme_ care (if you are going to do those)..
I really damaged my ligs by just going on when I hit a kind of barrier in one left hemisphere direction. Comes as being really stupid from my today’s experience I got on my body’s responses (thanks to the *ouchy* lig event.. so at least it wasn’t in vain ;) ).


Thanks guys!

ys, do you mean just the normal pull left, right, down, and straight out pulls? Or did you rotate while pulling? Because that just sounds painful. Either way thanks for the warning. That’s why I love this place. Learn from others mistakes. I’m sure I’ll be teaching people A LOT….lol.


So what are you current stats ys?

Good luck my friend, I am just starting to at close to the same stats as you.. My short term goals are 7x5.5.. I’ll race ya there. =]

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