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Goodbye to all, thanks and stats.

Goodbye to all, thanks and stats.

Im moving out of my parents house in 3 days, gonna live on my own and I wont have good access to the internet anymore.I will still be able to connect from my university every now and then, but I wont be able to participate actively anymore.

The time spent here is something I will certainly remember and miss a lot. I want to thank all of you great people, and say again that that is what I think of you. You are good guys and I have developed great affection for some of you. I have to specialy thank those who supported me during the hard times, but I feel everyones contribution to this board has helped me in some way.

Since I discovered this board I have learned a lot. That is not only PE techniches but also about myself. PE is in my opinion much more than just a handfull of exercises. It has given me a new perspective on life. I now have hope and I know I will get to where I want to be eventually, this includes other aspects of my life as well.

I will proudly state my initial and current stats now for the first time.

Initial stats
BPEL 5.25
EG 4.25

Current stats
BPEL 5.875 (a few measurements of 6.0 also)
EG 4.5

This are on a good day, not all the time, but I am finally passing from small to average.

Its been almost 9 months of very irregular workouts, with about 2 months completely off due to injuries. I will finally have enough privacy to work apropiately, so I expect good gains in the following months. I will start a “my progress” kind of thread and update every month or so. In the following months this will be the place to reach me, I dont think I will be able to read many other threads.

Well, bye all. Keep this board as great as it is, and good luck with your gains. Oh, and watch out, I might just make a silent big gain and pass you all :) Thanks again, cya soon.


ps: If anyone wants to reply here, you got until saturday if you want me to read it.

Well? You leave us bigger than you found us and we are glad for you.

In your new place you’ll be able to give more attention to good routines. Privacy is very often a major factor in being able to work out consistently.

Keep in touch, Chi. Borrow a computer now and then. You can always clear out your use history.



Chi, enjoy your new found freedom. you will discover freedom to PE equals gains. You won’t have to rush your exercises. So enjoy your new gains as well.


Hmm freedom.

I don’t think that any ever becomes free from PE. Like once somebody discovers a better whiskey, they usually stick to it, even if they may drink less later in life.

Glad on your progress Chi, and do pop in again from time to time.


Chi…I will miss you. I hope you come around from time to time and say hello. I am so happy you got so much more than a bigger penis from these forums, I can relate to that so much. My best friends are people from these forums and some of the most valuable things I have learned about myself have been right here…I hope you continue to make strides in all areas of your life…GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS!

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Its not the end of the line!

PE will still go on for you, and when you’re huge, you can come back and say “hey, remember me” :)

computers get less expensive every year!


It’s not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. It’s only the end of the beginning (Winston Churchill).


I remember it was so-o exciting to move to my own apartment a few years ago, congrats! I bet that you’ll find it the best PE investment you’ve made so far, and that you reach 6.5” by summer. Good luck in everything that you do, and I wish that we see you time to time! —-

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