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Cell growth or stretching


Cell growth or stretching

Well what do you guys think. Do you think that PE is really causing cells to grow split or whatever? I mean there are claims like that out there but do you guys buy them? Or do you think it really is a matter of just lengthing the ligaments or stretching the tunica? I personally don’t buy into the whole cell thing, but I am open to hear otherwise because I can not be sure.


Maybe we should be asking about the EM

Hi Dance,

This is talked about often but from a scientific point of view I am not sure it matters. The extracellular matrix, which keeps your cells in place must increase in mass as it is required to surround a greater volume. The contents of the cells-mitochondria, ER etc must also increase in number and/or mass. Perhaps it would be useful to know if the chambers that expand become larger and/or increase in number. If they just become larger, then one would potentialy compromise the integrity of the penis after it has been enlarged. The more I think about this the more I think the important part is the extracellular matrix. The structures that hold everything in place are primarily composed of proteins and carbohydrates. There are certainly enzymes that repair these structures when they are damaged by PE. The trick might be to have these enzymes repair these structures in the enlarged state. This might be why Bib grew so much. He hung all day so his enzymatic machinery continuly repaired his extracellular matrix in the elongated state. This might be why I gain length and not girth. I stretch every time I go to the bathroom (and I drink lots of water all day), so even if I am not stretching super hard each time I am still preventing my peins from relaxing to its previous size and perhaps there is enzymatic machinery that fills in the gaps if the matrix is broken in places. The ligs are also probably made of protein, I would have to look it up, but the same might hold for them. We talk a lot about stretching tissue but it is charactoristicly different than say a metal in that we have repair processes and in that our ligaments may have multiple confortations. When you simple stretch a lig perhaps you are only bringing it to a higher energy conformation without actualy breaking covalent bonds between the protein subunits. The trick is probably to break these bonds and then make you body fill in the gaps by maintaining the gaps. Perhaps this is why Bib found success with “cool down in the elongated state.” As heat was removed, enegy disipated forcing breaks in polypeptide chains as they moved toward a lower energy state. I hope this makes sence.

This is not my field, any Cell Biologists here?


PS Dance, could you look at my next day sore post, it might be related. Being sore the next day might mean that the gaps are being filled instead of relaxing to the origional state.

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I think your right about healing in an extended state. Kinda ambiguous about stretching versus “cell/tissue creation” when it comes to damage and healing. I’d guess, in essence, they two views of the same thing. One point I’ve always pondered about healing in the extended state is how long it actually takes to heal if damage was in fact done to the tissues that are responsible for an increase in penis size. Might, like you said, heal while hanging. Dance, I think your mention of tunica and ligs is quite accurate with respect to what actually happens if PE is achieved. All this talk of “increasing the size of the lacunar spaces or sinusoids” sounds alot like bought and rehashed paysite/webmaster bullshit. Considering the erectile process in a vascular paradigm, it appears likely that these blood holding spaces can (during erection) increase far beyond what is needed for turgidity. It’s the friggin’ tunica that sets the exact size, girthwise, of an erection. Some folks just seem to have a stretchier one than others. I still wonder if it is possible to stretch the tunica (I assume so), what happens at the aperatures where some of the vascular tissue exits? Do they stretch at the “holes” or just (miraculously so!) in the solid areas where there would be no interference with cavernosal drainage? Structurally speaking, WTF would be responsible for the latter scenario? Perhaps the areas where veinous drainage occurs is a bit more reinforced than the areas between them. I’m not a cell biologist, but looking at the basic physical structure of the penis, it doesn’t exactly surprise me that I have not seen great gains. In fact, I continue to be awed at many of the claims on the internet with respect to enormous L/G gains in a relatively short period of time. With functional erections, too!

The continuous traction (as in hanging) causes a reaction of adaptation to all structural levels of penile tissue components, with an increase of cellular multiplicity. The number of cells of vascular vessels, urethra, corpus cavernosum and spongiosum, cutaneous cover, Darto’s and Buck’s fascias, are increased. Exceptions to this involve nerve and muscle cells, which hypertrophy but do not divide. The mechanism of mitosis (cellular division) is due to suppression of an inhibitor of cellular multiplication being elucidated by a number of studies.



I’d love to know where you found this info on increase in the cells on some of these other tissues. I’ve looked and can’t seem to find it anywhere, especially with respect to the tunica albuginea. I don’t doubt the cellular division/activity potential, I just wonder how it takes place in the right areas without creating erectile dysfunction. These stresses do not mimic normal growth in many ways and that’s really got me curious. For me, I have yet to be fortunate enough to actually see these effects in myself thus far, but believe in the potential with regards to time issues, relatively constant stresses, and the traction/stretching method. One situation confounds me more than anything. Most of the gains spoke of within the PE community, both pay and free/independent credit the vast majority of gains to jelqing and/or manual stretching. Far different situation than long periods of traction. Any ideas on this? groa


To fully satisfy your curiosity, I would access a medical/scientific data base such as Med Line and others; you can check out the research per traction and induction of mitotic cell division to your satisfaction.

Best regards,



What about the jelqing part? Again, any ideas on it? groa


I would think the same would be true with jelqing, though I doubt there are cellular physiology studies on the impact of jelqing. IOW I am comfortable with the concept of cellular mitosis induction from substantive stimulation as in traction and jelqing.


(PS don’t tell anyone, it is really all magic)

I'm not good with magic:)

Fortunatly, I do have some grasp of mitosis, though I’ve forgotten much. I too, am comfortable with the “induction by traction” applied to the penis and it’s enlargement for it certainly seems feasible over the long term. But that’s where my question or comparison of hanging and jelqing comes from. Considering the stresses in a time frame, it’s appears far different from hanging/traction. Try as I do, I just don’t see the similarities. Jelqing seems analogous to very short time periods of hanging with a light weight at best. A long jelq would be an hour and far from continuous, progressive traction at least in comparison to hanging. Am I missing something here, perhaps a similarity that you could point out? groa


I’m still confused over this like dance said is PE really causing cells to grow split or whatever? Or Both?


Excellent thread gentlemen!

Very thought provoking stuff!


It’s my opinion that PE encourages cells to grow, rather than providing growth by mechanically splitting these cells. If anything splits, it’s the tissue - microscopically. To make more cells, existing ones must divide and, to survive, each of these divided cells must contain it’s own nucleus. If a cell was split by mechnical means, at very best, only the half containing the nucleus could survive.

If cells are destroyed by being crushed, split or whatever, the body replaces them. And if there is a bit of extra space created by traction it can then fill it with a cell “bridge” = growth! :)

Hope that helps.

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This is still good reading and I thought the new guys would enjoy it, I think it’s a question everybody has.

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I think the cells just become bigger in the case of stretching. As for girth gain, it may be different. But I think overall it is the cells increasing in size, not multiplying. When you have cells reproducing themselves at a rapid rate, you are either pregnant, or have cancer. (no difference there! :) )

Becoming.... Godsize

Stress mediates the cell turnover in all tissues. When you first start PE, your tissues are not accustomed to such stressors and the gains are dramatic. As they get stronger, it is much harder to apply enough stress to them to cause a sufficient change in turnover rates.

Mechanical loading has shown to increase everything from muscle tissue to bone mass. This is your bodies attempt to compensate for the increased load placed upon it. This is why my thought was to accelerate metabolism and increase cortisol production. By doing this, you increase the tissue’s turn over rates and give yourself a way to combat the tissue strengthening that causes plateau’s and the sort.

I think there is a difference in the route you take in the different methods of PE. Normal stretches would obviously want the material to be weaker but traction could be helped by increased synthesis rates by directing placement of the newly formed protein.

I’m currently studying this as we speak. If someone else would like to look at this then :…B&start=10&sa=N

You cannot stop, nor would you want to, the increase in tissue as a response to stress but…..You can slow it down. By increasing cortisol production, you can in effectively slow the bodies response to stress. HGH is at it’s peak when you are in your teens and falls of rapidly each passing decade. It is HGH that will heal your PE induced micro trauma at too fast of a rate. Strengthening the tissue at this speed will limit future gains. Without an extended break, the tissues will become much too strong to stretch.

Cortisol is a catabolic, meaning it actually breaks down tissue. GH is quite anabolic meaning it promotes tissue. If this theory is correct, then those older than 35 should see more continued gains while under 35 would have more trouble maintaining a growth rate. While those over 55 may have trouble building new tissue to eventually stretch. Factors such as diet, exercise, natural hormone levels and any pre PE loss of erection strength would come into play.

I’m not going to even pretend this is the answer to anything. I’m taking what I learn and trying to apply it to PE. We can remain here and continue to scratch our heads at why some grow more than others or we can see if there is a solution.

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