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Can PE cause Peyronie's Disease?

Can PE cause Peyronie's Disease?

Guys I was wondering if PE can cause Peyronies? VERY ERECT JELQS and ERECT Bends? Or is Peyronies caused only by VERY sharp and quick bend to a penis? Anybody knows?

I guess it could if you really go over board you have to use your head some of the new exercises being created are really on the extreme edge.

Newbies in my opinion shouldn’t be doing full erect bends or even horse squeezes, you don’t have the plumbing in your dick yet my veins were tiny when I started PE now there huge if I tried to push a much blood through my veins as I do now when I first started I would have blew out a vein. Take your time you only have one dick and plenty of time to make it big.

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Trauma (or injury) to the penis is a known cause of Peyronie’s disease. See this nice summary.

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