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Peyronie's disease and swollen urethra caused by overdoing PE!!!!


Peyronie's disease and swollen urethra caused by overdoing PE!!!!

I apologize ahead of time if this isn’t as clearly written as it should be I am under alot of mental duress.

My girlfriend left me because of it. I used to be 6.5 BP and 6.4 EG. My BP length has not changed however my girth went from big to slightly wider than a pencil!!! I also got the stiff flaccid thing which plain and simple is Peyronie disease. My urethra/ corpus spongiosum is in excruciating burning/stabbing pain especially when I drink something acidic. This whole ordeal has ruined my life. I want to commit suicide. Please help me!

Fortunately the two corpora cavernosa of the penis have since softened up (relatively not entirely) putting me at about 3.5 EG but the urethra is still like a nail. I feel if I could just soften up my urethra/ corpus spongiosum the rest of my penis would soften and widen up. Its as if the entire penis tissue is compressing itself around the urethra. The corpus spongiosum has shrunk dramatically, I’m not sure, but I have a hunch its the urethra that’s either become inflamed and has gotten bigger suffocating the corpus spongiosum (my penis head is like bleach the top part is red but as you follow it towards the under side it fades to deep white) or instead could it have contracted and is somehow suffocating the corpus spongiosum that way? Or both (inflammation?).

The problem with that hypothesis however is that I urinate fine almost too fine, actually it feels like a fire hydrant when I urinate. At first it will piss in a totally random direction (every time) and then it will straighten itself out in the middle of my peeing. I also have to urinate frequently.

Could pulling the urethral cord with too much weight or pumping it too wide cause this? I had a cystoscopy which hurt like hell and I feel like it just worsened the problem. They put an anesthesia which surprisingly was the worst part of the procedure it burned like hell??? Ive seen three urologists and they dont know what to make of it. Ive begged them to do an MRI or a CAT scan but they refuse because they’ve never done it on any other patients. Ive been taking l arginine and vitamin E with little success.

*Urethral inflammation

*Peyronie’s but has mostly left

*Could this have been caused by a blood vessel that burst and now the blood is trapped inside the penis?

*Or could the urethra split from pressure somewhere causing urine to flow into the tissue of my corpus spongiosum eating away the underside of my penis?

*Non-gonococcal urethritis

Solutions? :

*Could there be some sort of liquid solution I could inject or drop into my urethra that would soften or relax the urethra because that anesthesia sure as hell didn’t, the urologist told me he had to fight his way through during the cystoscopy.

*Should I just wait and see if with time my body will reabsorb the blood and the swollenness will go down.

*Are there any other medications that would ACTUALLY help Cialis,colchicine, potassium para-aminobenzoate (Potaba),acetyl L-carnitine, propionyl L-carnitine, L-arginine, sildenafil (acting through phosphodiesterase-5 inhibition) and pentoxifylline (acting through TGFβ1 inhibition), Interferon-alpha-2b, superoxide dismutase.

*Would extremely low pumping pressure for very small periods of time IE 30 seconds, a couple minutes every day throughout the day with breaks in between SLOWLY working myself up help increase blood flow. Because I used to WAY over pump it sporadically for hours and hours at a time but for many years I never experienced any problems. I guess slow and steady wins the race.

Whatever help I can get I would greatly appreciate.

You are reporting the diagnosis of Meds or your own diagnosis?

Just a side note: don’t take me wrong, but have you considered seeing a psychologist/psichiatrist? I think your problems are, at least partially, due to emotional factors. Maybe you have some kind of depression?

There are 2 things you should get. The first one is Bromelain (proteolytic enzymes) - Take 750 mg, 3 times / day.
The second thing is Gotu kola (Centella asiatica).

These herbs will help you.

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The meds say I probably have peyronies but frankly there’s no real way to know if someone has peyronies unless their dick is bent 90 degrees (Which is not always the case as in mine), its like cancer you don’t know you have it unless you’ve got a giant lump pertruding from somewhere, it doesn’t show up in the blood. They agree my penis is very hard.
Their solution, sweat it out, my concern is I don’t want plaque to build up while my penis dies in the meantime and all the while there could have been something I can do to prevent it, its been 2 months now.

Also I have since stopped masturbating (not sure it that helps or hurts the cause, because I think more blood flow in and out of the penis would help it recover faster, no?).

I’m asking for advice on what you guys think are the possible diagnosis and solutions.

And measured my Eg again its about 3 inches now and yeagh Im seeing a shrink but this is non-the less devastating on so many levels.

C.phantasy Thank YOU!

Your EG is 3”?

There is a way to know if you have cancer, and there is a way to know if you have Peyronie’ disease; this last isn’t that dramatic, anyway, and it’s not rare that the plaque disappears spontaneously.

Not tryen to be an ass but my girl left me cuz of this so dont belittle my problem, to be honest its not the peyronies that worries me its the urethra.


I feel for you, there’s not much advice I can give you, you should at least try plenty of hot wraps
around your unit as often as you can. For at least a week, maybe putting your unit under
some prolonged heat may help a bit.

I would at the very least try this.

Also try massaging your unit once it has been well heated, I think it may do you more good than harm, I hope!

Hopefully some other members can help you.

Good luck Pal.

Thanks man

Also just wanted to mention that my BPEL has not shrunk only the EG


Can I ask what your routine was, how long your where on it and when you first noticed this problem.
This info might help some other members to provide you with some advice.

I’m always paranoid about this kind of thing happening to me.

You just don’t know!

Ok well basically Ive always been a grower the goal of PE’ing for me was just to become a shower, I noticed results in my EG but the real goal was to eliminate turteling (locker room sort of stuff), I wanted a soft flaccid hang. I initially jelqed, did manual stretches and pumped intensly for about 3 months, once I had reached a point where I was comftorble I only pumped, but very intensely for almost the enitre night once or twice a month for about 2 years, (very stupid). I had purchased the vac extender around the time this started happening which is an amazing device its so comfortable that I got cocky and decided to hang a guitar amp which weighs about 13 pounds of my dick for almost 3 days straight. Unfortunately since this happened about 2 1/2 months ago my recollection of the sequence of events is a little foggy I wasn’t sure whether the pump created the problem (I had noticed a that I didn’t have as much give in softness but nothing too drastic) and then I think I later exacerbated whatever the hell I had done by using the weight, that’s when I think the night before my dick was perfectly fine then the next morning I woke up all of a sudden and instantaneously my dick shrank so hard in a way I had never experienced before it didn’t turtle instead it looked and felt like it was being crushed by a vice, it looked like a needle.
Hope that helps.

That’s why I’m thinking maybe from now on just super low pumping everyday maybe even several times a day with breaks in between will do the trick. What do you guys think?

Also I developed cysts along the outside of my balls and in my spermadic tract(its part of the urethra) right around the time this happened their probably correlated I’m going to try and get a pump that has a cut/upwards angle at the bottom where the balls would be because the edge of my balls getting absorbed int the pump was a constant annoyance.

I’ve had an inflamed urethra for most of my life since I passed a some stones. Ever since then if I masturbate too much it burns when I pee and there’s is a slight a pain in the middle of my dick. I have never had any problems with girth. That your length never decreased and your girth shrunk is the weirdest thing I ever heard of. Take a lot of time off and start clamping is all I can think of. Also, your girlfriend probably left you because of the psychological effect this had on you, not the effect that hanging an amp had on your penis.

She actually told me that hey I’m a great guy but she needs a dick from time to time so…

But is your corpus spongiosum/urethra or the underside of your dick really hard, pale white and does it hurt or ache? I mean its like corpus spongiosum/urethra wont dilate fully.

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Originally Posted by reynolds
The meds say I probably have peyronies but frankly there’s no real way to know if someone has peyronies unless their dick is bent 90 degrees (Which is not always the case as in mine), its like cancer you don’t know you have it unless you’ve got a giant lump pertruding from somewhere, it doesn’t show up in the blood…

Are you seeing a real doctor??

Of course Peyronies is detectable, and well below a 90 degree bend. And it is nothing like cancer.

I suggest you see a urologist with experience in curves and bends and get some valid information.



Originally Posted by reynolds
Not tryen to be an ass but my girl left me cuz of this so dont belittle my problem, to be honest its not the peyronies that worries me its the urethra.

Psst, you’ve gotten in trouble for this sort of thing before, and before you get yelled at by another mod, please refrain from using chat speak and take advantage of our spell check function. It will save your ass time and trouble.

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