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Buying Cable Clamps...WHERE?? (NYC)


Buying Cable Clamps...WHERE?? (NYC)

I went to four stores…one ACE Hardware, one Home Depot, and two more hardware stores listed on the web site, but none had anything remotely similar to these cable clamps.

If anyone lives in New York City, can you tell me a place that you KNOW has them?

Online is just too expensive for me…I don’t want to buy 20 of them, and although some sites offer a 5 pack (2 large, 2 small, 1 medium), that way I am paying 6.99 plus shipping for ONE clamp. I really don’t have cash to blow like that.

Again, any help is great from people who have bought these in person. Thanks!!!!

Do they have a Walmart in NYC yet, they have them in the electrical department of the home depots on the Island

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I got my clamp at Ace Hardware, but I’ve seen them at Walmart as well. Only cost about $2.40.



I know this does not answer your question. If it’s any consolation I was of similar opinion, why buy a set of clamps when only the large one is of use. Referring when used with the captains wench thing. In fact I now use all three in the set the largest as already mentioned, the smallest as loop for ‘S’ hook, and the medium one as a cock ring.


That’s what I call multi-tasking, 8.


By the way, I got mine from B&Q in the UK. Do you have B&Q in NY?

Hi Esc:

If you can’t find the clamp let me know and I’ll buy you one here in Atlanta and send it to you.


Thanks for the help. This community really defines helpful…most message boards would just ignore a question like this :) . You guys rock!

Having said that, I suppose I will search for Walmarts in NYC. Its just that I am getting discouraged that all these supposed retailers of cable clamps have NO CLUE what adjustable cable clamps even are.

And if nothing succeeds, I really appreciate your offer for help, Glenn. I may take you up on it as a last resort :) .

Thanks a lot, and may the Penis Fairy give you all 2 inches split between L/G anyway you like in the next 6 months!

I just purchased some at Home Depot (The have them rebranded as CableCuffs). This is a new item for them. They had them individualy in a bin in the electricatl aisle.

Good luck finding them.

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Well, Esc

you need to move to the South, man, I run into the clamps everywhere. They’re just little plastic thingies with a ratchet (spelling) type gizmo to open and close it. You can buy them separately, 3 different sizes in one package or 3 of the same size in a package - and they’re pretty cheap. They come in white, blue or red (to color corrdinate with your undies, if you wear any). Go back to Ace and ask the guy if they have them, I should think, nationwide, they’d carry the same inventory, accept snow-type stuff. Thus far the Penis Fairy has missed my house.

You guys have a good weekend,


Originally Posted by p-pal

I just purchased some at Home Depot (The have them rebranded as CableCuffs). This is a new item for them. They had them individualy in a bin in the electricatl aisle.

Good luck finding them.

Yeah, that’s where I found mine.



Are you gonna use the cable clamp in tandem with the Home-e-dic strap? You can get those at Wally World as well, about $8.50. I took two as “gifts, plus the clamps, to my buddies in London last month.


I’ve also had problems finding the clamps, unfortunity I live in a small city and our Walmart isn’t as big as most, I looked through all the hardware crap and couldn’t find these clamps anywhere, I also looked through Home Hardware with no such luck. I guess I’ll have to hope I make a trip out of town sometime soon and take a look when I’m in a bigger city.

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I looked around town, too. All Home Depot had were the large ones, so I went to and ordered a “family pack”. They’re useful enough that I’m sure I’ll find other uses for the rest of them.

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I know it’s been mentioned, but if you go to Wal-Mart for these, look around. In the electronics department I saw cable ties, velcro cable straps and assumed that if they had cable clamps, they would be here. They weren’t. On a whim, I went to the household section where they have light bulbs, extension cords, etc. and found them there for $3.27.

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