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newbie waitng to use cable clamps

newbie waitng to use cable clamps

Ok, first off I am NOT thinking about using the home depot cable clamps right now. I’ve only been PEing for 1 month. I know this kind of thing is COMPLETELY off-bounds for a newbie, but for how long? How much more time is recommended I wait until I am no longer considered a newbie and could try (even just cautiously) these claps for girth?

There are two things which make a newbie unsuitable for advanced exercises.

First the issue of your penis and ligs not being conditioned and ready for things which take them close to the limits of their structural integrity.

Secondly, the issue of not yet having learnt what your penis is capable of handling and how to apply yourself to new unpractised exercises from the penis common sense you have gained from earlier experiences with the basics.

The second part takes experience and therfore time. The first part takes time and experience is a diminished factor. For instance, if somebody has gained lots of experience to know how to apply themselves in all aspects of PE, then taking several months off of PE, when they start PE again, they too will have to stay away from advanced exercises until they have reconditioned their penis again with the basics. Experience will help someone recondition their penis from scratch quicker than a newbie however and a penis may actually retain a small amount of it’s conditioning for many months on end, making it quicker to recondition for advanced work.

To put a figure on your question, I would say 3-4 months of jelqing before someone should consider doing Uli’s. 1-2 months of Uli’s before considering extreme Uli’s, Horses, cable clamps etc. This is just my opinion from past experiences.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

I agree. Eight to ten weeks (minimum) of the basic exercises are needed to get your dick used to being under pressure, as it were. Any kind of erect exercise is dangerous, even for those with a conditioned cock. Take it slow, take it easy. PE is not something that gives quick and long lasting results with a minimum amount of effort. It takes time and attention to how your penis responds to get the results you want. Those who rush things are often plagued by injuries and decreased functioning.

There is another aspect as well. You want to very slowly work your way up because in doing so you will sort out what your dick needs to grow. For every guy you find that says that they didn’t gain until they tried extreme techniques, you will find at leas one who claims they didn’t gain until they stopped overdoing it.

Don’t worry if you have not gained much yet. If you stick with this, you will get gains.

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