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cable clamps or cuffs

cable clamps or cuffs

Does anybody know where I can find just a few cable clamps without having to buy 10 or 20? I tried Ace Hardware and they looked at me like I was retarded. The local Walmarts don’t have them either. I haven’t checked Home Depot personally, but their website has no sign of them. I was thinking of getting a couple on the net, but everyone (all the sites listed in the cable clamps’ website) sells them in packs of ten or twenty or in those multi-sized packs that would only yield one medium for about $10 (shipping included).

I’m not in a hurry, but I’m getting close to my length goal and want to prepare for the girth journey. Thanks ahead of time.


Every Home Depot I have ever been in has them (and that would Be Home Depots from Florida to Maryland along the coast). Did you look in the isle with all the extension cords? Same with the Walmarts - they are in with the extension cords there too. I also know that a Walmart will order something for you if other Walmart stores stock it, so if for some reason yours does not have them - get them to order a pack. And I have two Ace Hardware stores near me. One has them, the other does not. But usually the Ace guys are happy to order anything, so if you go to the Cable Clamp website and print off the information for the Ace guys - I am betting they will order you one or two.

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I’ve found them in one Home Depot’s “tool crib.” At another they were in the electrical aisle. Seems to vary, but the store does carry them.

I had to print a pic off the net to take in with me. once I was able to show the HD guy the pic the light went on and he took me right to them. Hope that helps.

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Home Depot will have them around the Tool Crib or around back behind - some stores have a “homemade” looking bulk display with clear plastic fronts. That said, I can’t quite get them to clamp down tight enough for a Uli effect. Back to the hands….

Grower, you can take a 1 inch wide strip of cloth and wrap your base before you put the clamp on to get added girth.

The home deopt by me only had the large size cable clamps, and when I asked they said that they have stopped carrying them and won’t be getting any more. I foud some at a local Do-it Best Hardware store.

I went to the closest large city, and just as I expected—they looked at me like I was insane or worse. But I found them online pretty cheap (relatively), so I ordered a pack. I think the pack has only one medium and four small. That’s alright because I can find uses for the small ones for sure.

Anyway, I got them here if anyone is having the same problems;

I chose them because the shipping was cheaper. Came out to about $9. Can I post that?

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