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Buster's updates on JAI routine

Buster's updates on JAI routine

Thought I’d post things I’ve noticed and am doing with the JAI stretch as of late.

First, I’ve gone to a timed program. I do ten minutes worth of stretches broken down into 5 sets @ 2 minutes a piece. After you get an internal timing that becomes routine, you can basically figure out about how many pulls you’re pulling off. Makes it a lot easier to read and do other things, which is a benefit. Because if I sit there and concentrate on it, I can sprout wood, you know?

My basic pull is a two-second hold followed by a three-second rest. So it’s PULL, “one one-thousand, two one-thousand”, REST, “three one-thousand, four one-thousand, five one-thousand”. And repeat. I pull it out, then count, then easily release tension (pulling) and pressure (grip) and count my rest counts. I just give a slight release to the grip - don’t let go. This helps blood flow. You can also practice doing a kegel after your release of pressure/pull. That would be Pull, Release & Kegel.

I chucked the latex surgical gloves as they tear and break -screw ‘em. Got some yellow latex dishwashing gloves (you know the type). Cut the gloves shorter so they don’t go halfway up my arm; just past the wrist now. Use talcum powder (or cornstarch powder) on your hands and they slip right in. The grip with gloves compared to without gloves - just ain’t in the same ballpark.

I do a warmup and warmdown that is very simple. Turn on the bath faucet, fill up a plastic cup (large size like a baseball concession size) with hottest water out of tap (gotta get my waterheater turned up just a hair). Sit on tub edge with feet in tub, stick dick in cup and press against pubic area (seals it off). Do that for a few minutes and you’re ready to hit the JAI’s..

What I’m noticing:

SERIOUS flaccid hang. Easily what I got with jelqing; much better than hanging. Can feel different areas of tunica getting stressed by sideways and downwards pulls. Whew! I am always tempted to get out the ruler when I see myself in the mirror. Hope that translates to reality gains.

My goal is to check this out for a few months, then do it in the AM and hang in the PM. That should be a monster gainer.

I hope.



I am closely watching your progress with the AI stretches. I have had some great results from hanging during the last month and a half. However, I am putting in more than 4 hours a day. I am trying to get to the 15 sets per day that Bigger did. I have the time, but not the endurance yet. If you gain via the AI stretches, I will add them to my routine and probably stay at the 12 sets that I am doing now. Please keep us posted as to your progress.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hey Buster,

You’ve got pretty serious with JAI’s, eh? ;) I started also doing about 5 minutes continuously (not sets anymore) once or twice a day (still jelquing too). It’s true that it makes noticeable gains in flaccid length. Hope you’ll get erect gains too! I did ;)

btw, have you experienced any “automatic kegels” (very weak) when you make a pull? I have sometimes (when I pull pretty hard), and I wonder if that’s the “inherent stretch-reflex”…

A Man behind his mask.

Yup, I have experienced that. Thought it was the reflex, too. So I have tried to concentrate on 1) not pulling too hard or for too long, and 2) neutralize that area in my mind, trying to keep the area ‘inactive’, if you will. This allows me to quickly get the sense if the reflex is kicking in. It’s somewhat similar to when you suck in a fart or something! Not the same muscle, but the same sensation.

I am really hoping to see some gains. Even if not, I know this will be a great hanging pre-fatiguer. And it’s gotta be the easiest of all PE exercises, time-wise and effort-wise.


Originally posted by BusterHymes
2) neutralize that area in my mind, trying to keep the area 'inactive', if you will.


I think that is very important and effective too.. I’ve experienced that I can leave that reflex away if I really concentrate on it..

A Man behind his mask.


I’m not making an official measurement and progress report until the turn of the month, BUT…

I’ll just say this - these stretches seem to be the real deal for inducing growth. If you are on a plateau, give them a try.

I am currently doing 5 sets of 3 minutes a day. No off-days. I may go up to 2 sessions of 5 sets @ 2 minutes each (next month).

It is too bad one of you guys that have figured out how to do these don’t do a video and upload it so we can see how to do them. I tried yanking my weenie pretty hard a couple of days, but gave up on them because I wasn’t getting anywhere. Any ideas?

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I would, but I simply don’t have the hardware for it.

I was doing these this morning.....

And got a lig pop.

Man that was horrible. No pain but i just felt something kind of give and had a kind of tearing feeling inside for a split second.

I just about wet myself in the way that you do when you do something you suspect will be intensely painful but you have to wait to see if its going to hurt as bad as you think. It didn’t.

But it did feel horrid.

See Ya,


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