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Burst Capillaries

Burst Capillaries

I’ve been doing Horse 440’s this week and my unit’s taken a beating. Red dots, but bigger — around 2-3/18ths of an inch. Is this horrible? I’m giving the exercises a break.


No, not horrible. The penis has a fairly rapid recovery from burst capillaries. A bit of a rest will certainly help.

Congratulations on your gains so far.

I have a purple ring around my penis (the head to be exact) and it hasn’t gone away in 2 months now so I quit pe. What should I do?

That sounds horrible, leeda60. I’d see a doctor.

The size (2-3/18”), westla90069, was referring to the size of my red dots, not my gains. Sorry for not making sense!


There is no way that I could see myself going to my doctor about this, it’s rather light in color so I’ve been dealing with it.

I believe others around here, including avocet8 have had discoloration from Horse440’s. I have a 1 1/2” ring of discoloration from some extreme PE that I have had for months now and is only slightly lighter in color.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Leeda, try searching for means of removing the discoloration. There are several threads based on taking active measures of removing discoloration. I myself had some bad discoloration back in November. It stayed for a few months until I started “wrapping for discoloration.” It faded to pretty much nothing rather quickly. Bib’s threads on this topic are a must read for PEers.

Originally Posted by thatthickunit
The size (2-3/18”), westla90069, was referring to the size of my red dots, not my gains. Sorry for not making sense!

thatthickunit, I think Westla was commenting on your stats in your signature. Sorry West, don’t mean to speak for you. Ok, so I do. :D


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