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dilated capillaries

dilated capillaries

I’ve been reading alot of discoloration threads and am wondering if some guys might have dilated capillaries. i did a lot of searching on google and i’m pretty sure thats what i have. i seem to get the red dots on my shaft fairly quickly when doing squeezes and other girth exercises, and these soon turn to large purple blotches, almost like bruises.

i used to be able to do girth sessions fine (i know discoloration is kind of expected and the whole penis being red after a workout is kinda a fact of pe) but now it goes past that and almost straight to dark red and purple in certain places. im currently taking a break and plan on investing in some creams targeted for increasin the elasticity of those capillaries and strengthening them. wondering what others think

I have this same problem, though this is an old thread I suppose I’ll bump it for myself. I used to ignore capillaries because I could gain regardless. Now it has gone out of hand. I have one particular dilated capillary which is 1 cm x .5 cm big (yes I measured it). And a lot of smaller versions of this one all on the lower half, upper side of my shaft. I finally decided to take a break in case there is some risk in this. I’ve once taken a 2-3 day break and the day I came back it just made the broken capillaries look more fresh and red, rather than dark red/purple. They were still the same size and occurred fairly quickly.

So anybody out there know of a way to heal these quickly?

If it’s that big it’s not a capillary, it’s a vein. Enlarged veins are normal and expected from doing PE exercises. If they are irritated perhaps you’re using too much pressure doing the jelqs (assuming that’s the exercises most guys do).

Sorry, just re-read my post and it doesn’t mention what I was meaning to say. That 1 cm x .5cm is a red blotch that doesn’t really heal, it tends to renew itself each time I jelq. Perhaps you did understand me and you mean I’ve broken a vein rather than a capillary? Another question I have is about how I once had smaller red dots (broken capillaries) now they all tend to be much bigger. Would this also be normal? I feel like it might be normal for whoever may do moderately intense to very intense girth exercises regularly, but I felt like I should ask anyways since my penis really seems beaten up with many huge dark red or purple blotches/stains (which seem to be getting larger) all around my shaft. Thanks for your help.

No, I thought it was one blood vessel. It certainly sounds like you’re being too rough on yourself. Perhaps you’ve caused some small veins or capillaries to burst and with repeated stress made them enlarge and be more or less permanent. Have you considered taking a long (several week) break to let things heal?

No, actually I hadn’t, but I think that actually sounds like a good idea. The longest break I’ve taken since I began girth was about 2-3 days which is very rare. Perhaps this will solve it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I never thought several weeks would be required. I guess I was just trying to get greedy with PEing gains :) .

You probably won’t lose anything in two weeks. Just start out with less vigor when you resume.

Thanks for all the advice, greatly appreciated.

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