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Brand New method - improoved gains - everyone read this!

Brand New method - improoved gains - everyone read this!

Hey guys, this is incredible!

I have found out a new way to accelerate my gains! Now, I know that everybody is different but, I think that this new method should work for everybody!

I will call this new method “Schwab‘s Cool Down”

Perhaps almost everybody knows that alternating cool/warm water shower increases the blood flow in your body. And if you don’t and have never heard of it, try it now. Go to your shower and start washing your legs with warm then cold, then warm than cold water. Repeat that process 10 times 20-30 each, make sure to finish your session with the cold water, and to dry yourself properly.

In other words, start washing your legs with warm water for 20-30 seconds, then switch to cold water for 20-30, repeat that process 10 times while alternating warm and cold. MAKE SURE TO FINISH the process WITH COLD water, and to DRY yourself PROPERLY. This has proven to improve the blood circulation. It also strengthens your veins, arteries, and blood vessels because warm water relaxes them, and cold water contracts them, just like a workout.

Now you might ask yourself: “what does that has to do with PE, my dick, and faster gains?”

I have applied the same technique to my dick after my PE session. After my PE session, I wash my dick in warm water for 20-30 seconds, then switch to cold water and wash it for 20-30 seconds, and repeat the process 10 times, while I finish my cool down with COLD water. It is very important to finish the cool down process with cold water because cold water will contract the blood vessels in your dick, but after you have DRIED it, the room temperature will warm your dick up and cause it to expand beyond its pre “Schwab’s Cool Down” size. The extra expanded veins and arteries with also improve the blood circulation in your. Witch will allow it to get more vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. due to increased blood flow. And that is what you dick needs after a PE session to grow faster!

I have personally experimented with it for about 10 PE days. And guess what, after just one week my dick looked way juicier and longer!

I am so exited to share my experiment with you, and I am pretty confident that this will work for anyone!

Please try it for yourself, and let me know how the “Schwab’s Cool Down” has worked for you

Thank you,

John Schwab.

Cool John. I know people with circulation problems do this and they call it hydrotherapy. I did this a few times and I thought the results were good but then a thread started here about the possible benefits of alt hot/cold so I thought I would wait and see what others found.

I’m going to start doing this again too.

Sounds alright! I will give it a try. Thank you for sharing your experiment.

Yes, thank you.

"Because, Darling, I'm not that drunk."

Hm, I think I’ll give it a shot, don’t think that showering my friend with cold water will be a pleasurable experience though. :D

Interesting theory, John. This works similarly with muscle rehab/development. I know the best possible thing to do after an intense workout (not PE) is to drink plenty of fluids to rid your body of excess lactic acids as well as soak your muscles in cold water. This almost acts as a method to decrease swelling. This is why I don’t think the cold water part of your theory makes sense. If I understand PE correctly (I very well may not), the idea is to keep the unit in a constant state of healing, NOT make it heal quicker. Quicker healing times would mean toughening the unit (which could possibly hinder gains), not necessarily making it bigger. Keep experimenting and give us plenty of feedback. Also, keep in mind that the increase could be totally unrelated to the cold and warm water combo. Maybe its just the warm water expanding the cells and allowing increased blood flow… who knows. Good luck and I hope to hear back from you!

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I am scared to do cold compresses after PE because of what happend to me. I was peing for about 2 months everything was going ok and one day I decided to do COLD compress after my PE next day I woke up with EVEN more curved penis then I used to have. I don`t know if it is because my RIGHT side responded better to exercise and that COLD compress and that coused bigger curve but ALSO my flacid was always straight and that morning my flacid was curved to the left I has been almost 2 months since then NO improvements. MY flacid is still curved and my penis is more curved overall. IT sucks!

NOW : jan1-04 6.25x5.0 curve to the left about 40 degrees.

HOPE : 7x5.5 end of 2004 curve of 20 degrees or less.

Sounds like the same concept as a sterling engine!

Can you tell what kind of gains did you get this way? Is it girthwise or lengthwise gains?

Also before starting this, I guess you didn’t feel any improvement in gains, otherwise you wouldn’t feel a change, right?

Well, I think I will give a try to it for couple of days.

Instead of showering, how about having two glasses to dip peter in? After 10 reps each temp…er, 10 dips each temp, do you then proceed to jelqing?

Also…does anyone else have neurological concerns about this? I think the idea sounds awesome, but I want to be safe.

12/10/03 at 5.90" BPEL x 4.75"

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Goal...bigger ;)

Originally posted by llbigj

do you then proceed to jelqing?

Er, wait…this is for cooling down after the PE session. Sorry :)

12/10/03 at 5.90" BPEL x 4.75"

07/15/04 at 7.00" BPEL x 5.00"

Goal...bigger ;)

great idea,waiting for more about this

I used to do this exact thing to recover after a Track and Field workout (as I was instructed to by my coach) it dramatically increased my recovery time and I am sure it works the same way for PE.

This thread should be stickied :)

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