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Bp gain without NBP?

Bp gain without NBP?

I’m not sure, but I think that after 1 week and 2 days using the Max Xtender, I’ve gained 1/8” to make it to 7.75 while sitting and 7 11/16 when standing…

Is it possible to gain BP but not NBP?


7 11/16" ELBP, 7 3/16" NBPEL 5 5/8" EG (mid), 8 1/8 " SL

Goal : 8" NBP 6" EG (mid)

I’d like the answer to this question too since I have a similar situation…

Gain BP but not NBP?

If you get fatter, yes.

In a week and 2 days? heh


7 11/16" ELBP, 7 3/16" NBPEL 5 5/8" EG (mid), 8 1/8 " SL

Goal : 8" NBP 6" EG (mid)


I can just push a little harder on the ruler and get an extra 1/8. And somedays, when you are extra hard, that 1/8 will show up.

Your shaft may have grown, but the skin has not stretched out yet. You can’t realize the NBP growth because the base skin is being pulled from the body when erect. This is just a possibility, not the case for everyone.

One foot to go

You could be fatter/hydrated/bloated. Or you could be pressing harder than you did the first time or changing the angle that you measure at

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

Girl claims she had a huge ex? Stick a spider in the bathroom or a mouse in the kitchen and when she comes out screaming ask her how big the spider/mouse was...

Just keep PE’ing, I had the same and my NBP and BP started to gain equally after a while.. It’s really weird; now I have lost more in BP than NBP since I stopped stretching! And I have a very constant weight!

the posts kinda reminded me that I get intensely hungry after sex! I have noticed when flaccid stretching I do have different lengths with position changes.

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