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gain in BP but not in NBP

gain in BP but not in NBP

Ive been Pe’ing for about a month now, i dont have a strict schedule but i do it atleast three times a week. When i measure up i noticed i gained 1 cm BP…but bearly nothing NBP. Does anyone know why this is the case? Im pretty skinny and bearly have a fat pad. I said to myself pre-pe that if i get to 14 cm BP then its working, now that im there and see no increase in NBP measurements i feel like my mind is playing tricks. Can anyone share some insight?

Okay, this is jusy my thought. Even if you have 1 cm BPEL gain, your penis shaft hasn’t grown an extra 1 cm skin on it (when erect), so some of your gain is still there but hidden in the pubic fat layer. As times goes on, it will appear as NBPEL length gain IMO. I have a thick fat pad and whatever BPEL gain I get, it doesn’t appear as NBPEL. Skin elasticity and fat pad are the limiting factors in your BPEL/NBPEL difference.

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On the couple of occasions where I got a quick gain BPFSL, it didn’t show in BPEL immediately, but kind of caught up over the following month or two.

I’d say it’s a good sign.

Dude, that has to be why I’m not as much NBP as I should be. I haven’t thought about that. Thanks Teo, hehe.

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Personally, The only measurement I take is BPEL and EG. Although all things vary a little from week to week or erection to erection, what we are trying to do is get a larger erection. This translates to a larger penis in the flaccid state, but to get a ‘good’ measurement, an erect penis is the way to go. A penis in the erect state is going to vary less in size than a penis that is not erect. Also, measuring a flaccid penis is not an exact way to measure your penis. Holding a ruler to the pubic bone, and stretching your penis to get a measurement isn’t going to be precise because of the amount of force you use to pull your penis into place. You are pulling against the ligs that aren’t going to move much but how you hold your penis; force of pull and the direction of the pull can all change the measurement that you will end up with. Measuring an erection removes all but one of the variables, direction of the measurement.

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What kind of PE have you been doing? Some moves promote BP over NBP, like manual downward stretching or hanging, which expose existing penis and by pulling it away from the body… BPEL goes up, but NBP doesn’t.

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I am not to sure about this, I think if you gain BP then you should gain NBP. The only way I see it not happening is if the person gained some fat.

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

yes i have been doing some manual downward stretching…but ive been mainly focusing on downward jelqing

putting on weight seems to be the logical explanation, but im 100% positive that this is not the case with me.

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