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Bloodflow and Gains


Bloodflow and Gains

I have a doctor friend with whom I occasionally discuss PE related matters. Today we were discussing theories of penis growth.

He told me that increased blood supply is commonly associated with tissue growth in many body parts. He told me a story about someone he knew with a blood tumor near her ear. The tumor caused excessive blood flow to the ear. It was several years before doctors could remove the tumor. During that time, the size of the ear close to the tumor grew tremendously. At the time of her operation, it was nearly twice the size of the other, unaffected ear.

This got me thinking. Perhaps PE increases penis size simply because it increases blood flow to the penis. This is an old idea, I know, but hearing my doctor friend’s story really breathed new life into it.

I’m thinking especially about jelquing, which, by the way, is the only form of PE ever to give me gains.

A flaccid penis, such as one assumes during hanging, has diminished blood flow, since fresh blood cannot easily get in. Similarly, an erect penis, such as one assumes during clamping, has diminished blood flow, since blood cannot easily get out.

Jelqing is different, however, because it specifically stimulates blood flow. The penis is partially erect. Therefore, blood flows in. However, it’s not totally erect. Therefore, blood flows out. The milking action on the semi-erect penis may cause new blood to enter (and exit), thereby nourishing the penis with oxygen and nutrients. In addition, the milking action moves blood through the blood vessels of the penis, thereby perhaps stimulating the formation of new blood vessels. With new blood vessels comes more blood and therefore tissue growth.

Perhaps jelqing is not really about expanding the tunica or stretching the ligaments after all. Maybe it’s simply about nourishing the penis?

If growth is really all about penile nourishment rather than mechanical stress, that would suggest a routine that focuses on circulation. Plenty of jelqing, plenty of heat, and as much time as possible spent with a semi to keep the blood flowing.


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Rugby players that play in the scrum can get their ears really roughed up which ends up with an enlaged “cauliflower ear”. That’s why most of them wear scrum caps. Sounds like a similar idea.

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I’d been thinking about a related concept a bit myself, and in accordance with the idea am keeping jelquing and some girth work in my otherwise hanging regimen.

I know its not exactly the same concept, but the idea that I’ve considered as of late is that PE in general, is all about releasing the constraints on the CCs and CS so that they may expand, i.e. hold more blood. In this idea, I think that there is a place for things like hanging, pumping, squeezes, etc. that serve to release the ligaments and tunica to progressively less constraining configurations.

I think its reasonable to expect that for the CCs and CS to expand into newly available space, good blood sourced nourishment is a first order requirement.

I think jelqing works by stretching the tunica and other constraining tissues, much the same as various massage techniques or rolfing stretch fascia. Blood flow is probably improved during the jelqing session, and possibly all the time if jelqing helps dislodge constricting plaque deposits in arteries. We don’t know if it does or not.

If improving the inflow to outflow balance during erections were solely responsible for size increase, we’d get as big as we could ever be by simply wearing a cock ring.

Originally Posted by hobby

If improving the inflow to outflow balance during erections were solely responsible for size increase, we’d get as big as we could ever be by simply wearing a cock ring.

Wouldn’t a cock ring cut off the blood flow? “Flow” is the operative word. With a cock ring, you have “blood” but no “flow.” The blood is fairly static. I’m thinking that jelqing with a semi both moves the blood around and helps exchange it more quickly with fresh blood.

BTW, I haven’t given up on the idea that mechanics (force, pressure) are important or necessary. This is sort of a parallel theory.

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Your gains have really only come from jelqing? Now that I recollect, after I stopped doing the ‘newbie’ routines I picked up on, (which included jelqing) I have only gained about a 1/4 inch in over a half a year, - I had been hanging
Yet when I did the newbie routine, I jelqed a lot and I gained a 1/4 inch, in two months (along with some manual stretching.)

Do you think doing some tunica stretching for maybe and 1/2 hour or so then jelqing for a while (as long as possible) would be a good lengthing exercise? Kinda of stretching/breaking up the tissue of the tunica with the stretching, then pushing blood flow threw it with the jelqing to increase the length? (I am really only looking for length)

Any thoughts would be great

There is a thread on here called TONGKAT ALI? to which I have contributed. Without repeating what I have said on that thread, you will see that, although I am pleased with the results from Tongkat, I have been fairly sceptical about it’s contribution to PE and gains in size. However, over the last couple of days I have been reconsidering this pretty much along the lines of ModestoMan’s thoughts: is a side effect of the Tongkat and increase in blood flow to the genitals (needed for the higher testosterone production) also “feeding” the penis with nutrients and therefore fuelling the gains?

My gains have been as good as some of the best on here - I only started in November - and I have no sense that I am reaching a limit through jelqing and kegels (which is pretty much all i do).

Maybe it IS all about blood flow??

I think that jelqing both expands tissue and improves blood flow at the same time. Just your basic twofur. Combining pumping with jelqing “expands” on the idea even more.

I have a lot more arteries and veins visible now then before I started which also indicates increased blood flow capabilities.

Well then, I think some jelqing will be put back inti my repute

I was thinking the same thing. I’ve noticed the veins are increasing in my penis and I’m hoping it’s a forerunner to gains. I haven’t seen any gains yet after 6 weeks, but I noticed the veins are more pronounced today.


You say jelqing and kegels?
Do you kegel while your jelqing?


I think you may have something here. In fact, I think that people who gain easier than others are people who are not only dedicated, but those who have good circulation in their body, especially in their pelvis region.

I feel I have been overtraining myself and am going to take a week or so off. It seems that when I PE too much, I become slightly ED.

Does anybody know how to increase circulation in your body besides the following?

Squats (from what I hear, they help increase testosterone too)

I think circulation is underrated. My feet are ice cold at times and it could be 85 degrees outside. If I have bad circulation in my feet, then I’m sure my penis is suffering too.


How much jelqing do you do daily?

I’m sure good blood flow is definitely the key to better erections. Good blood flow should also help with the rebuilding process and contribute to gaining size as well. I think you still have to utilize expansion and pressure with rest.

I did experiment with this very notion for a few months . I jelqed twice sometimes three times a day, I wore cock ring from time to time throughout the day. I tried to keep it semi erect and as large as possible for as long as possible. I saw no significant gains and my erections were weak as well. And after a few weeks of this treatment, my flaccid started to shrivel, and my jelqing seemed less effective.

It wasn’t until I got on a schedule with a few rest days a week did I start seeing good gains.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


What does your routine consist of on a weekly and daily basis? (A lot of jelquing still-manual stretching-what time of gains did you see once you started resting more?)

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