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Bloodflow and Gains


I’m gonna go way left field with this, but I had been thinking about something similar to this lately. But in relation to coffee and caffeine. I’ve been very happy with my flaccid size in the last 3 weeks, and I’ve been drinking water like I should. Then all the sudden I go on a 3 day starbucks shopping spree, and there went my flaccid hang. I’ve always heard that coffee constricts our blood vessels, but dam that really hit home.

Along with no more physical activities and sports due to PE I know my circulation is suffering bad. Really got to start at least jogging again.

The Tiger

I kegel while I jelq only in the last 100 reps (out of 600 currently). I do not kegel so much I get 100% hard, but harder than the 50% for normal jelqs. Have come to the conclusion that a 2 day rest every week suits me best.

Like the others my veins are becoming much more prominent and I do everything I can to maintain blood flow: I keep my foreskin back all day to increase stimulation a little and wear loose boxers.

Nightmare if the coffee theory is correct, eh!!! I am prepared to do a lot for my member but give up Starbucks?? (Anyway they’d go bankrupt without me!)

Great theory, MM. Although I believe that good blood flow is essential for gaining, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is the main reason we grow. If that were the case those PE pills would actually make us grow. Because their primary function is increasing blood flow.

I will say that I feel the biggest right after jelqing. After clamping, bends, and squeezes I don’t feel nearly as big as after I jelq. So there is alot to be said for keeping the blood flowing as opposed to pooling it up.


Originally Posted by the tiger

What does your routine consist of on a weekly and daily basis? (A lot of jelquing still-manual stretching-what time of gains did you see once you started resting more?)

I jelq and do obends every other day with a two day rest per week. I have no super amazing gains to claim, and I don’t do allot of measuring. I’ve gained more in the base than anywhere, but no one takes measurements from there.

obends first thread
- My Girlfriend said those lovely words…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Just a question here but has anyone tried taking a aspirin a day to help with blood flow? It is supposed to help thin the blood a little and help blood flow through out the body? I have heard doctors say that everyone can benefit health wise from this. I wonder if it will also help the blood flow to the penis too.

Aspirin makes you’re blood thin, that should not help with PE.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Originally Posted by deadeye3200

Aspirin makes you’re blood thin, that should not help with PE.

I don’t understand that statement because doctors say it helps blood flow.


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