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Bleeding Glans!

Bleeding Glans!

Hey all,

I’ve been in Pumping, Jelqing and Stretching for 1 year now.

But for the last months I’ve had the experience of a Bleeding right on my glands, very close to my uretha.

I get this bleed almost every time I jelq HARD and yesterday after a Hard Pumping session I got it as well.

And TODAY while I was stretching, i had the bleeding once again, I’m starting to get worried about as it is happening more often nowdays.

Does anyone has had experiences with that also?



"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary!

Just adding

I forgot to say that I get a DONUT when pumping some times, and the uretha area gets kinda Chubby! I guess this could be the reason!?

"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary!

I think you should give the glans a rest, and do your workout without bushing blood into the glans. Maybe you can do some flaccid streches or bends without working the glans for a while.

It is proberly a bloodvein that is to close to the “skin”, I have something simular, but there has been no blood yet.


Dude - your crazy. 5'9" and 165 lbs. (174 cm. and 75 kg.) Come on Crazy, do the workout. Dammit. Need motivation. My rutine. Lenght: Manuel strech, hanging. Grith: Jelc, Sadsak Slinky, Ring. Curve: Jelc and errect bend against the curve ELBP......EG..........Date 7.500.....5.500......2001-07-15 8.250.....5.750......2003-03-15 8.500.....5,750......2003-06-13 - stopped for 2 years 8.250.....5,750......2005-06-13 9.000.....6.500......Goal


How long do you stay in the pump? Do you use a moderate or high vacuum pressure? You could probably have a small tear that’s developed in or near the urethra that’s not healing. Recommend taking a few days break, and be sure to apply Neosporin to help prevent any kind of infection.



Take a week or two off than start back slow, it’s a common problem.

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thanx for the advices,

might do only flacid stretching for 15 days and get back to the routine. hope will be enough to heal

"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary!

Sounds like you ‘might’ be getting ruptured capillaries….the smallest blood vessels in your body. I have had this happen before when doing intense jelqing without first, doing a few minutes of warm up jelqing. Usually bled briefly and, then stopped.

What’s up vennie. I have been having a bleeding problem to since Dec 2002. The blood is coming right from the very tip of my head. The only time it bleeds for me is when I stretch. And of coarse length is what I am going for. I can Jelq and squeeze without a problem.
It started bleeding a few times but after a while it started happening more and more. It won’t stop bleeding until you quit PE for a while and let it heal and even that might not work.
I finally got sick of seeing it bleed and decided to let it heal for a while. Well that lasted for about two weeks. It did heal and everything got back to normal. Until I decided to get carried away and stretched it to hard then the blood came back. I end up now getting these little black blood bumps coming out from under neither the skin they dry up like a scab and fall off.
The only reason that I rationalize not quitting PE for a long time is that the blood is not coming from inside my dick. Just at the tip. I got to tell you it sucks.

Plus for those two weeks that I decided to let myself heal. I did not stop PE just went real light at it. This week should have been my third week but I fucked it up again by grabbing to hard.

What ever you decide to do keep us informed.

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