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Bigger Man, Bigger Penis?

Bigger Man, Bigger Penis?

I have a question that has had signifcant personal impact on my life for which I prefer not to discuss the details. Any feedback from other members is greatly appreciated.

Is it generally safe to assume that a man who is big boned and over 6 feet will have a larger penis than a smaller boned man who is around 5’9”?

I guess I am looking for feedback from some of you bigger (taller) guys.

Anticipated Thanks!


I spent the last 15 years playing high level team sports and spent many a long shower after the game. And I can say without question, size of bloke has very little (no pun intended) to do with flacid - only ever saw a couple hard on the team bus going on the end of season trip….did those old ladies get a fright in the car next to us 8-)

In fact there were many small guys with very large flacid old fellas.
The tallest and biggest guys were no guarantee of a large flacid member.

Not sure if that’s what you wanted to hear.


Short answer is a very dodgey and unreliable yes.

Long answer is a slightly more stable but still pretty impractical no.

basically the overall size of the body has little if anything to do with the penis size.

but the statistics say there is a weak corellation…

the keyword here is weak.


LPSG has had a running survey of height, shoe size, and dick size for a while. Shoe size kind of follows height, but dick size seems to be random, therefore your assumption is not proven, at least by this data.



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I wish. In my case no, and from what I have seen, no. Anecdotal evidence from female and gay friends indicates no connection. I knew an NBA guy that was a horn dog and over endowed, he said most of the guys were not.

I have read posts from tall guys here that have average sized dicks and dont like the the way a normal dick looks on a 6’+ tall body, proportions and all. Damn! I am one of them.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I have wrestled for 13 years and have been in a lot of locker rooms. I also have many close girlfriends, one of whom is obsessed with big dicks (conversations with that whore helped give me my inadequacy complex and obsession with PE). In my opinion there is a definite correlation. I mean think about it, every other body part has at least some correlation (on average) with overall body size, why should dicks be any different? Obviously there are many many exceptions, but I think there is definetely a moderate correlation. I mean do you really think the average penis size of guys in the NBA is the usual six inches? I doubt it.

Another tall one chiming in. Average dick prior to PE. I’ve never noticed any correlation to body size in all my years of belonging to workout clubs/gyms. It’s a myth.



perhaps when you see an average size dick on a small guy, you think it is bigger than it is and when you see an average one on a big guy you think it is smaller. I mean how often do you see a tall guy and think damn he has a big head, or feet, or anything else? Not often, because it looks porportional to his body. I think it is probably the same with dicks.

Why would a dick be any different? Our reproductive organs are designed for just that, reproduction. That is why the vast majority of dicks are 6”, and the vast majority of vagina’s are designed to accommodate a 6”er. Having to look for a partner of just the right genital size would not be species survival oriented. Tall women arn’t anymore likely to have giant vagina’s than short , petite women. Our genitals are designed so that (mostly) any man and any women can get together and make babies.

The above is my understanding. Penis size and its relation to absolutely nothing has been covered a time or three before. But I expect that thinking big body = big dick is a common misconception, because it does make sense.I am way to busy with school to do an in depth web craw. Any of the medical guys want to explain why the sizing is the way it is?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

First of all almost any dick can fit in almost any vagina, and it has been my experience(maybe just a coincidence) that vaginas are often influenced by height also.

Well guy I am 6’2” tall 250 lbs shoe size 13, and have a 6.5” penis . Big Man Big Penis? Not necessarily, I wish, but NOT.

I am 6’5” tall. Athough I guess that I am a little above average now at 7.25”, I was 5.5” when I started. 5.5 on a guy that is 6’5” is not any type of positive correlation. I know a lot of tall guys, and only one of them was hung.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Actually in my experience with women … the majority go for tall skinny guys. They claim they are horse hung. I’ve noticed that in the clubs especially I see the beautiful women with the tall skinny guys.

Since I’m curious I’ve asked g/f’s about it. They agree, saying that shorter guys they’ve been with had stubby thick pricks and the taller guys had long (painful) fat pricks. not everyone said the same thing but in general this is the type of response I get.

I’m 5’6 and am 6x5 which I guess is pretty much average. but I have an upward curve that seems to apply more pressure.

I had sex with a g/f who also had sex with my best friend which is 6’1 and skinny and she said I was good but he was too much. Kinda slapped me across the face.

That’s my input.

Yep tall and skinny. Same thing I have heard from every girl that has said something to me about it. Those bastards.

Interesting thread :P
Perhaps we can add some more statistics.

6.0” NBP
5.5” girth

btw, those r natural stats

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