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Bigger Man, Bigger Penis?

Originally Posted by Mr. Happy

Self-reported though it is…

The penis sizes reported in the height vs penis size poll are:

Pre-PE Bpel 1396 guys total
<4.99——- 45 guys — (3%)
5-5.99”—- 303 guys — (22%)
6-6.99”—- 600 guys —-(43%)
7>”———-448 guys——-(32%)

Polls at Thunders have indicated the average fatpad is 1”. Since those figures are dealing in averages, 1” can be substracted from the bpel. Then by taking the mid point in the penis size ranges one can arrive at an overall pre pe nbpel penis size average in the height poll.

Pre-PE Nbpel 1396 guys total
<3.99——- 45 guys — (3%)
4-4.99”—- 303 guys — (22%)
5-5.99”—- 600 guys —-(43%)
6>”————448 guys——(32%)

If the penises are averaged together in each division then this seems to be a reasonable assigning:
3.5” x 45 guys
4.5” x 303 guys
5.5” x 600 guys
6.5” x 448 guys

That comes out to 5.5” pre pe nbpel, 6.5 bpel. Since overall the penis sizes in that poll are very close to Para’s doctor study thread, that indicates the height vs penis size poll is accurate to a high degree. It’s true that such a high degree of accuracy is not typical for self reported polls, but then again Thundersplace is not typical.

Well said.

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