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Bigger balls , any suggestions.


Where did you buy the clomid?

Hey Disturbed:

I just got your PMs - sorry I’ve been out of the country for a month. However, When I try to reply to your PMs, it says you’ve chosen not to receive PMs, so I hope you get this. I apologize but the site for the rings is not sextoys but And yes, at least for me, they work. Have increased my stretch by about 1/4” but even more importantly, my ball sack stays stetched down most of the day when it used to shrink up to my abdomen after I peed in the morning. Try them, I think you’ll like them - I’m up to 9 rings now. I might also suggest you look for the rings at Lowes. I think some of the guys said they found them there and they were much less expensive. Also, try the sock tuck. There is a long thread on ball stretching that was started by Cyberstud. You might enter his name in the search box. Give me a shout if you have questions, just don’t PM me. Glenn

Okay, Gents, last month I told you I’d “test” Damiana Leaf for larger balls. I’ve been taking (2 capsules) 2 grams per day. On Nov. 3, my left nut (I didn’t do the right) measured 5” around (tape measure) and my entire nutsac was 7.5” around. On Dec. 11, the left measured 5.5” and nutsac came in at 7.75”. since many of you use ball stretching rings, I’m at 9 rings, with a 4.50 hang. While my balls may retract during the day a bit, I notice I’m hanging more than I’m retracting, which to me, being a freeballer, is nice. I’ve bought another bottle of Damiana Leaf and will continue my experiment.

>People from Africa, Mombasa coast develop balls to abnormal sizes, bigger that a baseball, they claim that they acquire this through the consumption of coconut water plus the premature pulp. Many people at the coast have this extra ordinary balls called “mapumbu” in Kiswahili<

Can somebody try this out and see if it works? Maybe a member who lives in a tropical country can volounteer for the sake of PE research, and bigger balls ofcourse? Ofcourse, if it does work, you might want to stop when your balls reach a certain size, because I don’t know many people who would want balls the size of baseballs. But if it did work, it would surely take months/years to get them that huge anyway.

I would try it myself but I don’t know how fresh the coconuts would have to be to work, if it did work, and I can’t get hold of premature coconuts for the premature flesh. I can only get imported coconuts which can be pricey when you live in England. They would be as cheap as piss if you lived somewhere tropical, and you could get them premature and extremely fresh.

Can one of our members who lives somewhere tropical/sub tropical/anywhere that gets a pick of fresh coconuts, volounteer and also let us know you are volounteering, so we can look out for your posts?

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could you guys post a few links to sites that sell Clomid? and does anyone know if i’ll have trouble getting it into the uk?

many thanks



Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been in England for a month.


Also, read the preceeding 3 pages of this thread, there’s a lot of information re: clomid you should know about before using it. There’s also a post, I think, on page 2, where a guy is asking if anyone knows where you can buy it in Europe. Don’t know if his post was answered but you might contact him to see if he got any PM’s from his post


Originally Posted by drgmerlin
Clomid definitely will give you bigger balls and larger load. It’s a bit of a hassle to acquire. You have to order it from overseas, but it really works. It is real medicine, not some herbal concoction. I have not notice any negative side effects.

Now that my balls are the size that i like, i take very little of the stuff, just for maintenance. I don’t want them so big that my girl can’t get one in her mouth.

It’s unwise to take clomid for extended periods of time… there CAN be possible side effects in the short term such as altered temperment and blurry vision…which I believe can be a precursor to actual cornea damage

I agree with freewilly that novaldex is the ultimate—but it is so expensive. Both require a prescription. Both inhibit conversion of testosterone to estrogenic compounds, so you keep all you produce. Clomid seems to really increase the testo as well. Good stuff, safe. I believe both were originally created to help women after breast cancer, but the application for men is ahead of its’ time.

FWIW, I took Nolvadex for 2 months and it didn’t affect my nut size at all. No difference in loads either.

Clomid and Nolvadex are selective estrogen receptor modulators. They bind to estrogen receptors. In some tissues they have an estrogenic effect (acting like estrogen) and in others they don’t do anything except plug up the receptor to prevent estrogen from binding. It’s sort of like putting a blank key in a lock to prevent a real key from being inserted.

The regulatory system is fooled into thinking estrogen is low. Estrogen is one of the feedback mechanisms for testosterone production. T production goes up (not necessarily free T because SHBG probably rises to compensate) and more of it converts to estrogen. So the actual estrogen levels are higher when on these drugs.

I don’t remember if they also have a minor effect on stimulating GnRH. Doesn’t really matter. The anti-estrogen aspect is responsible for at least most of their action.

Arimidex and similar drugs actually lower estrogen levels. Don’t fool with those (or any of this really) unless there is a need and you work with your doctor. Estrogen in the proper amounts is necessary and vital for the health of certain tissues.

Clomid and Nolvadex are often used by guys taking anabolic steriods. Nolva in particular is good at blocking the effects of estrogen in breast tissue and is often taken during a cycle to prevent gynecomastia (bitch tits).

Either one, though the preference has traditionally been for Clomid, can be used as part of a post-cycle program to restart natural testosterone production. If your nuts are withered from ‘roids, of course they’ll “get bigger,” aka return to normal size, when they resume producing normal amounts of testosterone. I think this is where the myth that Clomid will increase nut size began. Unless your nuts are atrophied from a cycle or you have some other medical reason to take them, why bother with these drugs? I doubt they’ll produce any noticeable effects.

If you try Clomid and experience any vision problems, stop taking it immediately to avoid potentially permanent eye damage.

For clomid you can try and they’re also a good source for cialis or viagra too. Be aware that it’s all in liquid form “less filling tastes great”.

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Originally Posted by hobby

Clomid and Nolvadex are often used by guys taking anabolic steriods. Nolva in particular is good at blocking the effects of estrogen in breast tissue and is often taken during a cycle to prevent gynecomastia (bitch tits).

hobby you talk about the treatment of gynecomastia with Nolvadex. Do you know if Clomid helps also?

AKA Clomid

Do you know which one is better for testicles growth, Clomid or AKA Clomid?

I found about it in this page

Another side effect of testosterone supplementation is testicular shutdown. The body senses all of the excess testosterone in your system and decides to stop producing its own. This causes your testicles to shrink and your sperm count to decrease significantly. The use of clomiphine citrate (more commonly known as clomid) can prevent this from happening. Clomid stimulates your body to keep producing its own testosterone. That way, testicular shutdown never comes about. Even though testicular shutdown is completely reversible once steroid use has ceased, it is a good idea to prevent it from ever happening. Once you stop using steroids, your body will start producing its own testosterone again. But this can take up to a month to happen. During that month, you will have significantly reduced amounts of testosterone in you system. Thus, you will most likely lose much of your gains once you stop using testosterone. To prevent testicular shutdown, I suggest using clomiphine citrate (AKA Clomid). I recommend 25mg of clomid per day per 500mg of testosterone you use. Since clomid most often comes in 50mg tablets, that would equate to one tablet every other day. If you are using 1000mg of testosterone, that equates to 1 tablet a day. Clomid has been shown extremely safe in many laboratory tests and medical research. (21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32)

Originally Posted by stormblade
I did some research on clomid on body building forums. It does increase testicle size and the general body building cycle for clomid is 3 weeks
200 mg a day for 1 week 4 pills
100 mg a day for week 2 2 pills
50 mg a day for week 3
As DrgMerlin said 3 extra tabs per week should maintain size - but im not too sure on this-

Am i right in thinking you take a week off after that before starting again? Or after that cycle would you only take 3 to 4 a week?

Also, is it worth taking some testosterone supps while taking Clomid? If so, does anyone know how much?

Many thanks.

I would like to ask the same question of the previous post. Lower hanging balls is another thing and, for that, what you have to do is to elongate your scrotum or ballsack. It´s an easy “operation”.

Hey guys, I just have a quick question. I just bought some clomid recently, but not exactly sure the right way to take it. The pills seem to dissolve rather quickly. Should I just swallow it fast with some water or keep it under my tongue and let it dissolve? Or does it matter. Any info would be appreciated.


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